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Google drive is one of the biggest cloud storage solutions. And with its seamless integration with other productivity apps such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, it seems to be a favorite among consumers. Throw in the 15GB free storage for all users, and you have a win.

Though, there is a handicap. Google Drive doesn't allow more than one account to be synced on a single device.

This issue becomes a problem when you have multiple Drive you need to sync often.

The good news is there's a workaround. The following Google Drive tips will show you how to sync multiple Google drive accounts on desktop without using a paid service.

You can sync Google Drive accounts using its native share solution. The “Share” feature grants permission to another account to access a folder on your main account.

Here's how to go about it.

1. Select one main Google account. This will be the account you will use to sync all the others.

2. Next, log into the account you want to sync from.


3. Create a folder inside your account and give it a unique name. This unique name will help you identify it in any other account you intend to sync from. Using your email ID is an excellent way to name this folder.


4. Next, select all the files in your Drive account and move it into this new folder. If you don't intend to sync all these files always, then only move the ones you need to sync. You can drag and drop these files.


5. Once you have moved all the files that you need, you should have a clean drive dashboard. Open the folder to confirm that all your items have been successfully moved without errors. Once confirmed, click on “Drive” to go back to your dashboard.


6. Right-click on your folder and select “Share.”


7. Enter the email address of your main Google Drive's account. Make sure you grant it permission to read, write and organize this folder. Now click “Send.” You can add more than one account if you want.


8. Google will send an email invite to your main account and ask for permission to have access to this folder. Sign in to your main account. (You can do this on another browser or by using an incognito/private tab.) You should receive an email like the one below.


9. Click on “Open,” then click on the “Shared with me” folder. You should see all the contents that you shared through your second Google account here. Right-click on the folder and select “Add to my Drive.”


10. Now you are set. The shared folder should be there in all its glory. You can sync this account's content from your main account anytime you want.


11. Also, note that you can sync this folder to your desktop and have access to its content offline.


Syncing multiple Google Drive accounts is a great way to collaborate with different projects on one desktop. Not only does it boost productivity, it also saves time and allows you to concentrate on what matters the most.

Hopefully these tips will be good enough to help you set up sync across all your Drive accounts. Cheers to smoother collaborations.

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