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Look out terrorists. In the 2000's John Krasinski was an innocent cubicle worker named Jim Halpert in the TV series The Office. But a few years later he's been transformed into Jack Ryan, action hero ready to defend the American way of life.  is releasing their new action series “Jack Ryan” for Amazon Video this Labor Day weekend. To help promote the series, Amazon has released a free Jack Ryan Alexa skill. Here's how to download and enable the Jack Ryan Alexa skill.

Jack Ryan Alexa Skill

To enable the Jack Ryan Alexa skill called November Morning, just tell your Alexa to “open Jack Ryan”. You can also enable the skill here on

  • “Alexa, open Jack Ryan.” Are you good enough to be Jack Ryan? Play the game, try to identify the traitor, and stop them before time runs out.

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Wait, What Happened To Jim Halpert?

After the hit NBC TV series, The Office ended in 2013, Krasinski was almost completely under the radar. He did some voice over work and directed and produced several projects. Krasinski also starred in Cameron Crowe's romantic comedy Aloha (2015).

But in 2015, the world was introduced to a new version of Jim Krasinski. A bearded and buff Krasinski starred in the Michael Bay action movie 13 Hours about the Benghazi attack. The role got Krasinski a lot of attention and changed the way many casting directors thought of him. The role of Jack Ryan feels like a natural transition from his character Jack Silva in 13 Hours. Jim Halpert to Jack Ryan, not so much.

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