Best Entry Level IT Certifications for Beginners

Are you looking to kick start your career in IT industry? Are you looking to enroll for IT certificate courses? Well, it is good idea to have a specialized certification before you appear for an interview in IT industry. In this article we will share few reputed IT certification courses offered by industry leaders like Cisco, Apple, Microsoft etc. It will help you to choose the best entry lever IT certificate course which can help you to grab your dream job easily.

It is 2019 and the world of information technology is at its prime. With IT sweeping across the globe, you can be assured that most educational courses and jobs would revolve around this industry. In the future, tech jobs will include analysts, programmers, system developers, engineers, architects, Blockchain, designers, and a lot more. Information technology has become the crux of innovations such as drones, self-driving vehicles, smart buildings, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology.

With numerous options available, it is crucial to choose the right career path for yourself. Before you set out on your journey, you need to determine the right way to begin. This blog brings you the best IT certifications for beginners so you can better understand their importance and how they can impact your career.

Why are IT certifications so Important Today?

One of the most challenging and lucrative industries is information technology. While many careers can be launched without prior education or experience, an education is the best way to launch a career in the tech industry. If you are looking to dive into the IT industry, you should be aware of a few entry level IT certifications that can help you kick-start your journey. Continue reading to find out the best IT certifications for beginners.

Most tech jobs require specific technical training and knowledge. This means that even a computer certification for beginners will give you an edge over your peers. Earning one of these certifications will give you greater, more sharpened skills to help delve into the IT industry. Recruiters will be more inclined to choose a candidate who has completed an IT certification over ones who have not. You become a more valued asset to a company if you are more experienced and knowledgeable than your peers. Give yourself a well-deserved advantage by enrolling in one the best IT certifications for beginners today.

Are IT Certifications as Valuable as They are Made to Seem?

If you look up IT certifications on the internet, you are bound to find that people have mixed feelings regarding their value. Some people believe that these certifications are proof of their skills and abilities while senior workers believe that these attributes are demonstrated by work experience. Despite this clash of views, the importance of IT certifications has been on the rise in the past few years. This is mostly due to the increasing impact of information technology in our lives. Here you need to study emerging trend in IT technology and can accordingly choose the certificate.

Completing one of these IT certifications for beginners can be a challenge. It, however,gives you access to numerous opportunities. Qualified candidates are also eligible for higher salaries, with the average salary starting from $100,000 per annum. Over the years, it has been recorded that tech specialists with IT certifications are more in demand. Stay one step ahead of the competition by completing an entry level IT certification.

Here is a list of the most coveted IT certifications for beginners according to 2019’s latest trends.

#1 CompTIA A+ Technician

CompTIA A+ Technician

This entry level IT certification serves as an excellent launchpad for a rewarding IT career. CompTIA A+ is based on various technological processes. A certified technician is eligible to handle the maintenance of operating systems, computers, mobile devices, and printers. Certified CompTIA A+ technicians are in high demand across various IT fields. To receive the CompTIA A+ Technician certificate, you have to pass two exams that cost approximately $200.

#2 Apple Certified Associate (ACA)

Apple Certified Associate (ACA)

Apple has rightly earned itself the title of third biggest computer system seller in the US. The Apple Certified Associate is a computer certification for beginners that focuses on integrating Mac users into traditional IT fields. A candidate can take the ACA course online and download study materials. The exam costs only $65 and the certification opens doors to various IT fields. It is deemed to be one of the best IT certifications for beginners due to the increasing demand for Apple tech support.

#3 Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Cisco has been a global leader in the tech industry and it is no surprise that they offer one of the best IT certifications for beginners on the market. The Cisco Certified Network Associate is an entry-level IT certification for beginners that trains candidates on the mechanisms and maintenance of enterprise-level switches and routers. Candidates also become familiar with resolving common network issues. The CCNA certification is one of the most sought-after certification among recruiters. The 90-minute exam will cost you $295 and open unlimited avenues in the IT industry.

#4 Linux+ CompTIA

Linux+ CompTIA

If you are keen on entering the world of Linux, then you should consider the Linux+ CompTIA certification. This certification is not vendor-specific and helps you develop specialized skills to handle Linux systems. The certification consists of two exams and trains you in system configuration, scripting basics, system security, and network services.

#5 Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Including a Microsoft IT certification in your resume can greatly increase your chance of snagging the most lucrative jobs in the market. Microsoft has been the biggest name in the IT industry for years and getting yourself a Microsoft Technology Associate certification only guarantees you better rewards. This entry-level IT certification for beginners deals with IT fundamentals including development, infrastructure, and databases.

The names mentioned above are part of the list of best IT certifications for beginners. They cover different areas and will open different avenues once completed. Each certification is equally valuable in today’s expanding IT industry. Choose the certification that is most suitable for your interests and career plans.

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