Facebook Wants to Save You From Spoilers With 30-Day Keyword Mute Feature | Tech News

Between the World Cup and Avengers movies, your Facebook feed is a minefield of spoilers. Facebook wants to change that with an experimental keyword mute feature.

Your friends can’t be trusted to watch Westworld without ruining it, and sometimes you’ve heard enough about the news topic of the day and just need a break. Facebook’s new keyword filter can help with both scenarios, and more. The feature, which is currently being tested with a small percentage of users to see how well it fares compared to snoozing or muting particular people or pages.

In its current form, the feature only allows you to snooze a keyword for 30 days. You can’t mute it permanently. So if you never want to hear about Yanny and his friend Laurel for the rest of your days, you’re out of luck. But you can get a month-long reprieve. If the test goes well, you could see it in the near future in the ever-growing menu attached to posts in your News Feed.

Source: Facebook via TechCrunch


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