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Even if you have decided to stick with Facebook despite the site’s with privacy, data and content, you probably still are not a fan of what the site has become. Whereas once it was a place to keep in touch with family and friends, it has become a cesspool for arguments, hate and fake news.

Adding the constant sponsored posts to the News Feed and, well, sometimes it’s easy to question why we even bother. But as long as you are going to keep Facebooking, it would be a wise move to make it as pleasant an as possible.

You might think there is little that can be done outside of a few settings that Facebook provides, but that’s actually not the case. There are browser extensions that will not only change, but improve your Facebook experience.

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Now technically the “FB” in the name stands for “Fluff-Busting,” but that kind of belies its actual purpose. Sure, it does get rid of that, but it is specifically designed to remove the garbage from Facebook.

In this case, what is classified as garbage? How about useless and annoying stories that show up in your feed, like game and app spam, along with ads and sponsored stories.

You can also have it hide boxes you’d rather not see on either side of the News feed. It also gives you the opportunity to disable auto-play videos and sort your notifications in the right chronological order.

That’s not all, though. FB Purity will let you do even more, like expand the width of the news column, hide offline friends in chat, be alerted when you are unfriended and so much more.

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Though a third-party app, FB Purity is quite safe. It has been around since 2009, and in that time has become one of the top-rated Firefox extensions while also being highlighted by the likes of the Washington Post, PCWorld and CNET.

The is free to download and use, though the people behind it do ask for support in the way of donations. The is updated constantly, and works great for Firefox, and Edge.

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