Grab and Annotate Screenshots with the New Screen Sketch Tool on Windows 10 | Tips & Tricks

Microsoft is replacing the Snipping Tool for screenshots and upgrading it to Screen Sketch which is just as easy to use but more features.

Starting with the next Windows 10 feature update, the classic Snipping Tool is being replaced with an improved screen grab app called Screen Sketch. It was actually introduced with Windows Ink Workspace and is now being used as a standalone app for the screen snipping experience. It supports most of the same features you’re used to in the Snipping Tool with additional improvements like annotating your screenshots and easier sharing.

The new Screen Sketch was first introduced with Redstone 5 Build 17661 and will be available with Windows 10 1809 — which, at the time of this writing, is expected to roll out this fall. If you’re using an Insider build, you’ll see the following message when launching the Snipping Tool.

Screenshots with Windows 10 Screen Sketch

To take a screenshot, launch the Screen Sketch app and click the New button or use the keyboard combo of Ctrl + N.

Just like with the Snipping Tool, the screen will gray out and you’ll see a few options at the top. The buttons offer different ways to take a shot like Freeform, Region, or Full Screen. You can also use the key combo of Windows Key + Shift + S to directly start a region shot.

Once you take your shot you’ll see several options for ways to annotate it. There are different options in the Screen Sketch toolbar like a ruler, different ink colors, cropping, etc. It’s similar to other Windows inking features like with Ink Workspace or what you see when you annotate an eBook in Microsoft Edge with your finger. Of course, if you have a Surface Pen you’ll have several more features and settings to configure.

To share a shot, click the Share icon in the upper-right corner of the app and you will get a list of apps, people, and devices you can share the file. The experience is similar to other sharing features in Windows 10 like Nearby Sharing.

You can also make the PrtScn key to launch screen snipping. Head to Settings > Ease of Access > Keyboard and turn on the option under the “Print Screen shortcut” section.

We have covered ways to take screenshots on all platforms and the new Screen Sketch tool is a great way to grab, markup, and share your screenshots from Windows 10. When it officially rolls out, users of the current Snipping Tool should find it just as easy to use. It’s just as responsive and intuitive but with more features.

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