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Hardkernel is well-known for its range of ODROID single-board computers that compete with the Raspberry Pi. But to celebrate ODROID’s 10th anniversary, Hardkernel decided to offer a brand new product that isn’t just another board. Instead, we’re getting a portable gaming kit called the ODROID-GO.

Hardkernel ODROID-GO Portable Gaming Kit

It looks like a modern Game Boy, but the handheld only costs $32 and ships in kit form. As part of the package you’ll get everything required for construction including an ODROID-GO board, 2.4-inch LCD screen, front and back casing, nine buttons, a 0.5W speaker, 1,200mAh Li-ion battery, and micro USB cable.

As CNXSoft reports, once constructed the battery should allow for 10 hours of operation between charges. Used as a gaming handheld, the addition of a micro SD card and emulators enables Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, NES, and Master System games to be played. Alternatively, it’s possible to program the device using the Arduino IDE.

The ODROID-GO is powered by a custom version of the ESP32-WROVER module running at 240MHz and complemented by 16MB of flash memory and 4MB of PSRAM. The display resolution is 320-by-240 and there’s wireless support for 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2. An extensive Wiki contains information relating to how to use the GO as a gaming system or programming platform.

If you’d like to own an ODROID-GO, simply head on over to the Hardkernel website and place your order. Be warned, though, there is at least a seven day wait and that $32 price point is before shipping. For me in the UK, shipping added $16 to the total paid.

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