How to Access TikTok after Banned in U.S App Stores

TikTok will be removed from US app stores from midnight on Sunday September 20, as Washington implements executive orders from President Donald Trump. TikTok has been banned in India since June of 2020.

If you are TikTok users in U.S or India, simply use a VPN on either a new phone or the web application to access the tiktok.

Why Are Some Countries Banning TikTok?

This concern about data mining is the primary reason the U.S. has given regarding banning TikTok from its country as well. While TikTok denies that the data from this app is shared with the Chinese government, the U.S. has already restricted service members from using the app.

What is TikTok’s Response to These Concerns?

The company behind TikTok has responded to the questions about data and security by stating that the Chinese government doesn’t have access to the information gathered by the app. The company’s India head, Nikhil Gandhi said the following in a blog post:

“We have not shared any information of our users in India with any foreign governments, nor have we used such data in any manner that would compromise the integrity of India. Further, even if we are requested to in the future, we would not do so.”

TikTok has also called out the Trump administration’s claim that the app is a security threat, claiming that the accusations are unfounded.

How to Install TikTok in Banned Country

There are still ways you can access TikTok if you live in a country that’s banned the app. In addition to using a VPN to access the browser version of TikTok, you can also look for the app outside of official mobile app stores.

How to download & install TikTok on iPhone

If you have an iPhone and live in a country that has banned TikTok, you’ll need to follow these steps to get the app working on your phone:

  1. Open the App Store and click on your profile picture on the left of the screen.
  2. Select your name and email from the account settings.
  3. Choose “Country/Region” and tap the “Change Country or Region” button.
  4. Scroll down the different options and choose a country that hasn’t banned the app.
  5. Tap on “Agree” for the terms and conditions and select the payment method “None”.
  6. Enter an address in the country of your choice in the billing address section.
  7. Tap “Next” and then “Done”.

Now that your location in the App Store is updated, you should be able to find and install the TikTok app on your device.

How to download and install TikTok on Android

Install TikTok on Android Mobile Phone Unlike iPhone users, people who use an Android device can easily download and install TikTok on their phone by searching for the official APK file online and sideloading it onto their phone. If you use an Android phone, you can search directly from your phone’s browser for “TikTok APK” and look for the file to download.

The only drawback to using an APK file is that you’re downloading a specific version of the app. This means that, if there’s an update for TikTok, you’ll need to search for the latest APK file online to replace your current one rather than being able to update the app directly from the Play Store.

APK files are perfectly safe to use, as long as you make sure you’re downloading them from a reputable source and the file is actually what you’re trying to install. You will need to go into your settings and turn on the security option to allow you to install third party apps.

Some reputable sources to find TikTok APK files include:

  • AndroidAPKsBox

How to Use TikTok in Banned Countries

Previously existing TikTok users can still access their content in banned countries. However, new users can no longer download the app through the traditional app stores on their smartphones. The only way around this is to use a VPN to access the service on your phone or computer.


It’s possible to access TikTok, even if you live in a country that has decided to ban the app. You could download the app through an APK file or change your iOS App Store settings. Another option is to use a VPN to change your location so you can access the app on your device. Especially new users won’t be able to use the app without following the steps we’ve outlined in this article.

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