How to Add Mouse Gestures To Chrome and Firefox

How to Add Mouse Gestures To Chrome and Firefox
How to Gestures To and Firefox

Time to Add Mouse Gestures To Chrome and Firefox that will help you in better browsing in your PC and also your navigating speed will get better. So have a look at complete guide discussed below to proceed.

Gestures are becoming the most often part of almost every tech app, software, and the operating systems. The reason why the Gesture functionality is gaining the popularity is its ability to perform any of the tasks in just single clicks, swipes or movements. Now for the smartphone users, they would be familiar with the screen like swipe down to release the notification panel, long press on the screen to open the settings and options panel, etc. Alike to that this kind of could be attained on the different apps, tools or the web browsers too. While most of the web browsers have tons of options and features to make the browsing experience exceptionally fast and quick, yet the users still wish to have some kind of through which the speed could be extended. Here in this article, we have written about the method through which the Google Chrome and the Firefox web browser users could add the mouse and hence make the browsing processes to be done just with the simple moments of the mouse. If you are willing to know how the could be added to these web browsers then please go and read this full post, remember to read till the end!

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How to Add Mouse Gestures To Chrome and Firefox

In this process, we would be installing and using the addons or the extensions on the Google Chrome as well as Firefox so as to attain the ability to add mouse gestures to the Chrome and Firefox. It is extremely easy to install those add-ons to these browsers as you just need to pick the one you like and just click on the install button aside to those extensions, rest everything would be done by itself. Now we would be telling you about those gesture adding extensions for both of these browsers and the way to set them for the particular gestures of your wish.

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Google Chrome

For this browser, there is an named Gestures for Google Chrome, just search for the same in the database and you should find it easily. Click on the icon after installing and you should select the options from there. Click on the Actions Tab, and under there you would see all the pre-available gestures, and you would also be able to add your own preferred gestures. Simply Click on the Add New Gesture button to perform the additional task.

SmartUp Gestures

This is another gesture enabling extension for the Google Chrome browser so if you do not prefer to use the above app for the purpose of adding gestures to your Chrome then you may use it. This works totally similar to the above app but there are only a few differences based on the location of the settings.

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#2 CrxMouse Chrome

CrxMouse Chrome is another best extension which allows users to set up various gestures according to the needs. Not just that, but the chrome extension also brings in some pre-loaded mouse gestures which you can use. Users just need to download and install the extension and then tap on the ‘Action’ tab to create new gestures.

#3 Mouse Gesture Events

If you are looking for an easy to use Google Chrome extension that allows users to set up and use Mouse gestures, then Mouse Gesture Events might be the best one for you. The best thing about the Mouse Gesture event is that it provides users with lots of option to set and customize the gestures. You can assign certain gestures to perform tasks.

For Firefox

FireGestures for Firefox is an extension that is available for this browser through which users could be able to create, use and hence facilitate from the gesture commands inside the browser. Through the options of this extension, you can add gestures of the mouse like scroll gestures, click gestures, swipe gestures etc.

Mouse Gesture Events for Firefox

This is the addon that you would prefer to use if you are not willing to get a number of mouse gestures but only a few needed gestures. There is a limited number of default gestures for the mouse by this addon, you could manage these all inside the add-ons manager page.

Foxy Gestures

Foxy Gestures is another best add-ons that you can use to implement mouse gestures on the Firefox browser. The great thing about Foxy Gestures is that it allows users to implement a large amount of fire gestures functionalities. You can also set mouse wheel gestures with Foxy Gestures.


Well, if you are looking for a fully customizable mouse gesture add-on for Firefox browser, then Gesturefy might be the best pick for you. The great thing about Gesturefy is that it has support for over 60 different commands and additional features like rocker and wheel gestures. So, it’s another best Mozilla add-on that you can use today.

The gestures tend to make the tasks really fast and those who are keen to get the support of only the gestures even while browsing then they must utilize the Chrome and Firefox web browser. These advanced tech web browsers have the compatibility provided to the users such that they could easily make the new mouse gestures for various different actions. In the above article, we have yet explained the whole way of using the chrome and so as to create the new mouse gestures for a number of browsing tasks. We hope that you might have liked the information in this article, and if it is so then please tend to share this article with others too. We will be really happy to hear from you about the suggestions and the opinions related to the information here in this post. So just go and write for us through the comments section below!

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