How to Add the Home Button to Google Chrome

If you grew up using Internet Explorer or Firefox you might be used to having a Home on your browser. At first glance, is missing it, but we can change that with a few simple clicks.

The most common complaint about Google Chrome is that it doesn’t feature a button like other browsers. The funny thing is, that isn’t entirely accurate. Chrome actually does have a Home button, it just isn’t shown by default. Here’s a quick tip for configuring Google Chrome to show the Home Button and customize it to take you to any site when pressed.


Editors Note: All modern browsers use tabs so we will actually be demonstrating how to open a new tab when pressing the Home Button in Chrome.

Home Button to Google Chrome

Step 1 – From Chrome, click the More Options button and then click Settings. For Mac, press ⌘, to get into Chrome Settings.


Step 2 – In the settings window under the Appearance section, click the slider Show home button. 


Step 3 (optional) – By default, a new Tab page will open at However, if you want to customize where the Home button takes you, just fill in the URL as shown below.

How to Add the Home Button to Google Chrome 2

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