How to Bookmark Specific Locations in a Google Docs File


How to Bookmark Specific Locations in a Google Docs File

Documents can get pretty long. Bookmarks let you link to a particular location inside a Google Docs file, making it easier to back to (or direct someone else to) a particular section. Here’s how you can bookmark specific locations in Google Docs.

How to in a Google Docs

Inserting a bookmark into your file is like creating a link that jumps directly to a point in your document. Bookmarks are only visible when viewing the document on your computer and won’t show if you print it out.

To create a bookmark in a specific location of a Google Docs file, highlight (or place the insertion point at) the desired location. Open the “Insert” menu and then click the “Bookmark” command.

A blue bookmark ribbon should appear next to the word. Click it to reveal two options: “Link” and “Remove.”

Right-click “Link” and select “Copy Link Address” to copy the link to your clipboard.

You can do anything with this link that you’d typically do with a URL: send it to someone, add it to your favorites, insert it in another page or document, or even use it to create a table of contents. When used, the URL will direct you to that exact part of your document.

If you no longer want the bookmark link in your document, click the blue ribbon and then click “Remove” to delete the link.

If you’d like to add more than one bookmark, repeat the steps from above to generate links to different parts of your document.

Bonus: You can also bookmark a particular slide in Google Slides. Click the specific slide and then copy the URL from the address bar. Each slide has a unique URL.

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Adding bookmarks is a simple way to navigate a large file and link to specific sections of a document. This is much more manageable than starting from the beginning every time and having to scroll through the whole thing.

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