How to Convert a Video or Audio File Using VLC


Want to a or file to another format? is all you need! It’s packed with useful features, including a quick and easy audio and converter that’s just a few clicks away.

How to Convert Media Files with VLC

To start converting, open VLC and click Media > Convert/Save.


Click “Add” to the right of the Selection list on the tab. Browse to the video or audio file you want to convert and open it.

Click “Convert/Save” to continue.


Under Convert, select the video or audio codec and container to which you want to convert. For example, to transcode a video to a reasonably standard MP4 format, choose “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4).” To convert an audio file to an MP3 that should practically everywhere, select “Audio – MP3.”

Click the wrench icon (the “Edit Selected Profile” button) to the right of the Profile list for more options.

Click “Browse” and choose a location and filename for the output file.

When you’re done, click “Start” to perform the conversion.


VLC’s progress bar gradually fills up as it completes the conversion process.


More VLC Conversion Tips

This feature is more powerful than it looks! In addition to converting video and audio files as you would in any other application, you can:

While we’ve covered VLC’s awesome file conversion capabilities many times, this article was inspired by a SwiftOnSecurity tweet. VLC is packed with useful features most people have never heard of, including Chromecast support.


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1.) Open VLC media player
2.) [Media] > [Convert/Save] > File > [Add] > [Convert/Save]3.) Convert > Profile > Video H.264+MP3 (MP4)
4.) Destination file > [Browse]5.) [Start]

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