How to Create an Eco Bulb and Butterfly Illustration in Adobe Illustrator | How To

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Mesh Tool in to create a light bulb with some nature elements!

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1. How to Draw the Light Bulb

Step 1

Let’s learn how to use Gradient Mesh!

Begin by drawing a rectangle and filling it with #3E4A56. Next, take the Mesh Tool (U) and create a mesh grid inside the object by clicking on different spots.

the object into the shape seen in the screenshot below. Once the shape
and the mesh grid match the image, select the edge nodes and
color them with #D2D6E0.

Continue by selecting and coloring the indicated nodes with the respective colors.

You will need these:

  1. #3E4A56
  2. #D2D6E0
  3. #FFFFFF
  4. #F4F4F4
  5. #D0D5DF
  6. #A0A8B2
mesh lightbulb tutorial

Step 2

Change the light bulb’s Transparency mode to Multiply.

Next, draw a grey shape, filled with #B4B4B5. Change it to Screen with 80% Opacity.

Place the highlight on the bulb.

gradient mesh

Step 3

Begin drawing the base of the light bulb with Mesh.

You will need these colors:

  1. #212631
  2. #FAFAFB
  3. #66707A
mesh lightbulb

Step 4

Draw one more part.

  1. #212631
  2. #C7CAD0
  3. #FFFFFF
  4. #5B5F66
vector lightbulb

Step 5

Draw the base.

  1. #26292E
  2. #626872
  3. #CBCFD4
gradient mesh

Step 6

Construct the part.

mesh bulb

Step 7

Put the light bulb together.

draw light bubl vector tutorial

Step 8

To add the patch of grass and the ladybug, consult these tutorials:

  • Learn how to create a vector natural scene with some flowers and a butterfly using Gradient Mesh in Illustrator!

    Gradient Mesh Tool

  • Learn how to create a vector nature background with a wooden sign, grass, leaves and a ladybug using Gradient Mesh in Illustrator!

    Gradient Mesh Tool

Fit them into the outline of the bulb, and then Make a Clipping Mask.

clipping mask

Step 9

Place the mesh bulb on top of the grass.

Draw a mesh highlight—black outline with a white middle. Set it to Screen with 80% Opacity and place it on top of the bulb.

You can add a couple of Gradient shadows under the light bulb.

highlight light bulb

Step 10

Draw a white rectangle with a mesh grid, and make its upper edge transparent.

transparent mesh

Step 11

Place a reflected copy of the bulb under the original, and then place the mesh on top of it.

reflection vector

2. How to Draw the Butterfly

Step 1

Draw black outlines for the wing.

wing outline

Step 2

Draw mesh inserts. Use black for the outline and #FFF3A0 for the middle.

gradient mesh

Step 3

Draw some more elements with the same colors.

butterfly vector

Step 4

Draw six more elements using black and #FF6000.

mesh element

Step 5

Draw one more mesh element. Use these colors:

  1. #000000
  2. #FFFFFF
  3. #BDDEDD
mesh vector

Step 6

Create different copies of the element.

gradient mesh

Step 7

Create two more modified copies.

mesh part

Step 8

Assemble the top part of the wing.

insect wing

Step 9

Assemble the bottom part.

how to draw a buttefly

Step 10

Assemble the wing.

mesh wing

Step 11

Create a reflected copy of the wing, and then use the Shear Tool with an angle of 211° at a Horizontal Axis on it.

Attach the modified wing to the original.

vector butterfly tutorial

Step 12

Draw the body of the butterfly with Mesh.

  1. #160C0B
  2. #4A3828
  3. #4C4A3F
butterfly mesh

Step 13

Draw another black part using a specific Stroke profile. Expand the object.


Step 14

Assemble the body.

butterfly mesh

Step 15

Add the wings.

vector butterfly tutorial

Step 16

Place the butterfly on top of the light bulb!

light bulb vector

Awesome Work, You’re Now Done!

What now? You can try any of my other tutorials from my profile or check out my portfolio on GraphicRiver, as well as the original vector we recreated in this tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I would be super happy to see any results in the comments below.

Eco Light Bulb
Eco Light Bulb

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