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WhatsApp has its status, and Snapchat has its stories – it was only a matter of time before got its stories as well. It’s been around for a while now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone has been using it.

Creating and personalizing your Facebook story is beginner-friendly and has options that will keep you entertained. There is even an option to add music so you can add your own personal touch. It’s possible to Facebook stories via your smartphone or desktop. Let’s see how it’s done.

Facebook gives you three options when it comes to creating a story. The easiest option is to tap on the “Add to Story” option; it will be the first option you see when you launch the app. The other two options would be to press the camera icon at the top-left or Facebook asking you for permissions, such as asking for access to your phone’s camera and access to your files.


Once you’re in, you can choose various ways to shoot your Facebook Stories. You can choose from Normal, Video, 360, and Boomerang, and you can also go live. Let’s say that you’ve chosen Normal Mode. To add effects to your Facebook Story, tap on the wand icon to the left.


You’ll see different effects you can choose from, and there are even a few that you can try with a friend. Use these effects either for a video or photo story. When you’re done using the effects, just tap on the arrow pointing down to the left of the white circle.


You can also add effects to the Boomerang option. For example, you can add all sorts of frames such as stars, leaves, confetti, balloons, etc. At the top-right, you’ll also see the options to add all kinds of stickers such as the time, emojis, and more.

Tap on the A, and add text that can also be personalized with font styles such as Personal, Fancy, Simple, and Clean. By tapping on the uneven lines, you can also move the text from side to side.


It’s also possible to add pictures from your gallery by tapping the rectangle icon to the left of the camera button. Another option would be to swipe up from the bottom of your display to access your pictures.


Before you take a picture or video, tap on the cog wheel at the top-right. You should now be in Camera Settings, and in bold letters you will see “Who can see your story?” You can choose to make your story public, for only Friends and Connections, or Friends and Custom. With the Custom option, you decide which contacts you want to share your Facebook Story with.


If you regret what you’ve posted and want to erase it, go to your story and view it. At the top, you’ll see three dots you need to tap on. The option to delete should be the first one on the list.

Facebook Stories may not be new, but it is sure fun to use. You can share what’s going on in your life and with style. Hopefully, more features you can use with it will be rolling out soon. How often do you use Stories? Let us know below in the comments.

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