How to Disable Ad Banners on Firefox’s New Tab Page

Mozilla just “experimented” with advertisement banners for, a hotel reservation website, on Firefox's New Tab . Here's how to all those banners so you never see any of these ads in the future.

A Mozilla spokesperson told VentureBeat that this “was not a paid placement or advertisement,” and was “an experiment to provide more value to Firefox users through offers provided by a partner.” Who does Mozilla think they're fooling?

Anyway, if you don't want to see these advertisement banners in the future, there's a simple solution.

Click Menu > Options > Home, or just click the gear-shaped “Options” button at the top-right corner of FIrefox's New Tab .

Under Firefox Home Content, uncheck “Snippets.” This will all those message banners at the bottom of Firefox's New Tab page, including ones hawking hotel booking websites.

While you're at it, you may also want to uncheck Pocket's Sponsored Stories, which are another type of advertisement that Mozilla places on your New Tab page.

Mozilla wants to position Firefox as an underdog browser that cares about your privacy, a valiant hero striking back against browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Edge, which are produced by huge technology companies.

But, at the same time, Mozilla keeps cramming more ads into Firefox. It was just a year ago that Mozilla forced that Mr. Robot extension on Firefox's users, too. Is it any wonder Mozilla's message isn't resonating and Firefox's marketshare is declining?

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