How To Enable and Use Tab Freezing Feature on Chrome

On regular usage, we usually open 10-15 Chrome tabs. Well, opening chrome tabs is not a bad thing, but Chrome consumes more resources compared to any other web browser. That’s why the Chrome browser crashes a lot. To deal with the lags and crashes, Google is on a new ‘Tab freeze’ feature for Chrome.

Previous, Chrome has a memory-saving feature on Chrome known as ‘Tab Discarding’. The feature is enabled by default, and it automatically kicks in whenever your computer is low on memory.

What is Tab Discarding ?

Well, Tab discarding is basically a memory saving feature of Google Chrome, which automatically ‘Discards’ the contents of un-opened tabs. The function discards the unused tabs to free up the memory.

When a is discarded, Chrome removes the entire process. You won’t find the on Chrome’s built-in task manager either. Upon opening the discarded , it will reload it, and start from the start.

What is ‘Tab Freeze’ Feature?

Tab freeze is entirely different from tab discarding. When you freeze a tab, the content inside the webpage stays in your system’s memory. That means the tab won’t reload from the start. For example, if you start playing a YouTube video, clicking ‘Freeze’ for that tab will pause the video playback but not remove the YouTube tab’s content.

On the other hand, clicking ‘Discard’ will remove the entire tab’s content, and the video will play from the very start. So, that’s the major difference between the ‘Tab Discarding’ and ‘Tab Freeze’ feature.

How To Enable and Use Tab Freezing?

Well, to enable the Tab freeze feature, you need to follow some of the simple steps. First of all, open Google Chrome and on the URL bar, enter ‘Chrome://flags

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Enter Chrome://flags
Enter Chrome://flags

This will open the Chrome’s experiment page. There you need to search for ‘Tab Freeze‘ option. Enabling the tab freeze option will freeze all eligible tabs when they have been backgrounded for 5 minutes.

Enable Tab Freeze
Enable Tab Freeze

The feature works on every operating system – Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

The option is not present in every chrome build. So, if you are unable to find the Tab freeze option on Chrome Flags, then you need to type n ‘Chrome://discards‘ on the URL Bar. It will list all opened tabs with an action link to ‘Freeze’ and ‘Discard’

Freeze tabs
Freeze tabs

So, this article is all about how to enable ‘Tab Freezing’ on the Chrome browser. I hope this article helped you! Share it with your friends also.

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