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are everything To Us We GIve More Importance And Spending More Time with Our Smartphones. The Smartphones Has evolved a Lot Where it’s Hard To Think The FIrst Phone And Todays Smartphones. Moreover, Camera Is One Of The Prominent Thing and The Best Feature In Our Smartphone. Of Course, We All Vote for The Camera And It’s The Prominent Thing in The Smartphone. Because We Pay More Attention To The Camera Phones That Comes With HIgh Mega Pixels. Most Of The Smartphones are Equipped With a Feature Pro Camera Mode, ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and the Location Details. Using GPS Technology, The Camera Adds Location to a Picture Automatically When We Click Photos.

I Think Most Of You Has an Idea to View Location Of an . If You Don’t Know Don’t Worry It’s An Easiest And Simplest Thing To Know Location Of an Image Taken from a Device. In Order To View Location Make Sure That You Have To Turn On Location Tag In Your Camera Settings. If You Don’t Know How To Turn On Location In The Camera Settings. Here is The Process.

In Android Devices

1. Open The Camera App And Get Into The Options Or Settings To Enter Into The Camera Settings.

2. Once You Entered Into The Settings You will see an option ” Location ” Make Sure To Turn On The Location Option.

3. From Now All Of Your Photos Captured From The Device Will Save Location Of an Image Automatically.

In iOS Device ( iPhone Devices )

1. Open Settings And Get Into The Privacy Option.

2. Now Turn On Location Services.

3. Click On The Camera Option ANd THen Click On The Option ” WHile Using The App”.

Now Let’s Figure it Out The Exact Location Of an Image Taken From Your Device

For Android Devices

1. First Your Gallery App Or File Manager App And Select a Photo.

2. After Selecting The Photo Click On Three Dots Options, It May Vary from One Device To Another Device.

3. Most Of The Smartphones Has ” Info ” Option.

4. From There You Can See The All The Details LIke Date, Time, Device Name, Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed And The Last One Location Details Of an Image.

For iOS Devices

1. Open The Photos App And Switch To The Album Tab.

2. Now Tap On The Option Called ” Places”.

3. Select Your Image To View Location Details Of a Photos.

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