How to Turn Off Transparency in Windows 11

includes fancy new effects in its windows, taskbar, and some menus. If you don’t like them, it’s easy to disable translucent interface elements in Windows 11 with the flip of a switch. Here’s how.

First, open Windows Settings by searching for “Settings” in the Start menu and clicking its icon. Or, you can press Windows+i on the keyboard.

When Settings opens, select “Accessibility” in the sidebar, and then click “Visual Effects” on the right-hand side of the Settings window.

In Visual Effects settings, set the switch beside “ Effects” to “Off.”

Immediately, Windows 11 will change all transparent windows to opaque. Your settings are already saved, so it’s safe to close the Settings window. Nice and clean!

If you ever want to turn transparency back on, open Settings and navigate to Accessibility > Visual Effects and switch “ Effects” to “On.”  And if you need to disable or enable transparency effects in Windows 10, you’ll find the option in a slightly different location (Settings > Personalization > Colors). Good luck!

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