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Do you feel like you’ve played all the available games and just can’t find any more that interest you? Maybe the solution is for you to create your own games! That way you can always have something you want to play. If you get the Book Bundle — Program Your Own Games, along with creating the type of games you want, you can pay what you want and only get the books that you really need.

In addition to buying this book , know that the amount you pay will include some of the money going toward charity. Some of the charities Humble Bundles support include Make-a-Wish, American Red Cross, Save the Children, and WDC – Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


Introduction to Game Development
By James Parker

Python Pocket Primer
By Oswald Campesato

Digital Filmmaking
By Peter Shaner

Video Game Addiction
By David Olle and J. Westcott

Hollywood Studio Production Techniques
By Winnie Wong


Classic Game Design
By Franz Lanzinger

Video Game Writing
By Maurice Suckling and Marek Walton

Game Testing
By C. Schultz and R. Denton Bryant

Introduction to 3D Game Programming Using DirectX 11
By Frank Luna

iOS for Game Programmers
By Allen Sherrod

Programming Essentials Using Java
By Wm. McAllister and S. J. Fritz

3D Character Development Workshop
By Erik Van Horn

Computer Graphics Programming in OpenGL with Java
By V. Scott Gordon and John L. Clevenger

Python 3 Pocket Primer
By James Parker

Artificial Intelligence in the 21st Century
By S. Lucci and D. Kopec

Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX12
By Frank Luna

By Stephanie Torta and Vladmir Minuty

Photo Restoration Using Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
By Vickie Wolper

Python – An Introduction to Programming
By James Parker

Pay what you want for this digital DRM-free book bundle worth $649.

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