if Somebody Is Attempting To Steal Your Information Using Chrome

Tech giant Google’s most used web browser is Google . It is a very helpful Android browser. It has various interesting features and great advantages can be taken from it if you use every day. They pay special attention to the security as they deal a lot with the huge amount of private data.

They have a very popular security feature which is known as Padlock, which informs us if the browser is safe or not that we are using. Since it is not always completely secure, we should know how to detect whether any other website is stealing the data while you are browsing something in the Google Chrome web browser. How to know if someone is trying to your data using Chrome?

1. If one is browsing Chrome by keeping several tabs open, you will have to give a lot of attention to the number that is shown on the task bar. False task bars show incorrect figures as they will not be showing the actual number of tabs that one has opened.

2. The fake page will hardly ever show you the User Interface, even then you can see it by locking the smartphone while the Chrome is still opened. When you unlock your phone, you can see the real user interface of the fake one. Two task bars can be seen if the web page is a trap. The real and the false one will simply appear below the first one.

3. There is a dark theme for Google Chrome for Android. It can be activated at any time and is actually very useful to avoid stealing the data. If the dark mode is enabled, the browser will show the real elements in black. The false ones will remain completely blank. It can also be detected by activating the other modes. They are the reader and when you install the alternative themes, the appearance of all the elements will be modified. But the fake elements will remain the same.

The errors can be corrected that can actually harm you, the best idea is to be careful when browsing a website that can actually steal the essential data.

The screen lock, the number of open tabs and the all new dark mode are the main factors that can help in detecting if someone tries to steal the data when browsing for Chrome on Android. Also, one should never 100% trust any website no matter how safe it seems.

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