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There are things we all used to know how to do. It was part of growing up. But these everyday skills are being phased out in this digital age.

Here’s a question: Do your kids know some of life’s most important basic skills?

It’s shocking just how many, under the age of 40, have no concept of the most basic of life’s skills. Think for a moment: A handwritten note or letter is unheard of. So is writing a check.

On the whole, the under-40 crowd has poor basic spelling skills because of autocorrect. Most millennials cannot use an encyclopedia or a dictionary, can’t locate most major countries on a
globe or use a compass, change a car’s oil or even a tire, or figure out which way they’re going by the sun’s position in the sky.

They have no idea how to bake bread or cookies from scratch, the names of common trees, flowers, and insects, the concept of pounds and ounces, or starting a fire without matches.

This is what we’ve lost in two generations. However, the under-40 crowd knows how to shoot and edit videos, take selfies and text fragmented sentences and how to FaceTime.

The question is, is that enough?

Here’s Kim’s podcast on the subject:

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