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The battle between Google and Apple for smartphone supremacy is a good one, with the real beneficiaries being us, the consumer. The more the tech titans try to outdo each other the better tech we get, which is great.

Often times it leads to new features we never knew we needed, while at the very least we usually get upgrades on some stuff we’ve found to be valuable. Put it all together, and it’s tough not to get excited whenever one of the two companies comes out with a new device.

That’s why we are pumped about what is arriving in a couple of months, as the new Google Pixel 3 smartphone is supposed to get a nice upgrade. So nice, in fact, it is expected to take on the popular in a more direct way.

This is going to be fun

Everything we know is based off of a leaked marketing , which appears to show the Pixel 3 will have a screen that reaches the phone’s edges. Does that sound familiar? It should, since it was a highlighted feature of the iPhone X.

That may be the most noticeable difference, though it is hardly the only one. The new Pixel is expected to receive many an upgrade, improving a phone that is already known to have great displays, top-notch cameras and powerful hardware.

Of course, we will have to wait for more details as to what else, exactly, the Pixel 3 will have. But we have great confidence it will be an impressive device.

The Pixel 3 lineup will not only share its look with the large-screen iPhone, but likely also be promoted in a similar manner. That is evident in the very nature of how these details have leaked, with them turning to influencers to help create buzz and market the device.

When does the Pixel 3 get released?

The short answer is we don’t know. However, it is rumored that at the very least we will get even more details of what the Pixel 3 will have to offer on October 4.

That thought comes from a posting in Google’s Famebit platform, which is meant to connect advertising agencies and marketers with content creators who can promote their material. An ad that was posted notes the Pixel 3 is “launching” on October 4, though there is debate as to what the word actually means here.

That date would make sense, since it lines up pretty well with when Google has made other Pixel-related announcements in the past, though releasing details is far different than actually selling the phone.

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