How To Monetize Ads On Google News

Before we discuss further the subject, we need to understand how does the model of Google news works? It is an aggregator of news outlets. It is a type that collects the news from all over the world and then the second step is to categorize them into different subjects.

These categories include the subjects of the US, world politics, technology, business, etc. various categories of entertainment, economics, and sports are there as well. There is a special customized category “for you”. Google collects and organizes the news especially for you based on your area of interest.

There are different ways to access the news it can mobile application or desktop version.  One thing that should be kept in mind that Google news does not compromise whole news articles. It just shows the headlights and headlines based on your interest. These headlines include the pictures which the application has arranged for you. After clicking on the headline, it redirects you on the website of the news publisher.

These are popular news website i.e. the reputable publications like the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. These news websites permit you to read up to a certain level and then you are required to get the paid subscription of the news.

How Google Ad manager help new publications?

Publishers can digitally advertise their news businesses in two methods. Firstly, they can directly manage the sales. In this way, the content will be directly sold to tech platforms. They also have the second option of using the Ad manager. The Google Ad manager controls sales through programmatic techniques. A lot of news publications adopt this method, as google news brings a lot of revenue to the table as well.

A big amount of revenue is generated by news publications by their publication staff. For instance, news outlets usually sell their space to different types of advertisers. These advertisers purchase this space happily, as they want to show off their products at a reputable website. Publisher sales teams are now discussing deals with other Ad tech sites, such as Ad exchanges, Ad networks, and suppliers of header bids.

Whatever the way the news publishers adopt, they must use the Google Ad manager, because the Ad technology is required to serve the Ad on their website. In this way of publishing Ads, most of the share is given to news publication outlets. The reason is most of the work is done by them. Therefore, Google news charges a very small amount of that. When advertisements are sold this way, news publishers maintain more than 99% of their revenue.

There is no doubt that google news also earns a great amount of revenue through this practice. Although Google claims to only provide the services in terms of supporting the spread of online information and online learning. There are almost a few or almost no exact data that how much google news earns through the new publications. If we look globally, multiple news publications render the services of google Ad manager.

The reason is they must run it digitally. Most of the news outlets inform Google news that they incorporate these Ad services to integrate thousands of advertisements. This advertisement is most of the time are third-party. This is a type of mutualism or symbiotic relationship as both parties get something out of it.

Google News is working hard to ensure that its platform helps publishers thrive so that people around the world have access to high-quality online news and information.

To generally describe how to use Google’s news platform to get the financial benefits, imagine 100 news publishers generate a high amount of revenue in Ad manager generated sales. Then scrutiny is run through the business model of each news publisher. It gives clarity to the whole system because it provides data on how each business model is generating revenue.

Often Google shows news articles inside the search result. Based on News Media Alliance’s “research” (I will later explain why I use quotations), 16% of the search results are news stories. But some of those posts are used in non-news-related search queries.

If you google “How much revenue Alphabet earns,” for example, the first few results are charts or data-heavy summaries of their financial results. At the end of the results, you will also see a couple of news articles by reputable publishers. In my view, this is not a search result related to news, because in the first place the user was not looking for the news article.

How does monetization work in google news?

Google Re-branding Advertising Platform ~ Prosyscom Tech

Publishers will get compensated for the Ad revenue of an article if it was made natively in a Google News version. You can display Ads from your edition’s stock to help monetize your news content. Google also assists with the revenue streams of your content by displaying Google Ads in your publications.

Google news has claimed to have created the Google Ad Manager to help publishers advertise their news content and increase profits. And over months it has continued to put money in innovations that increase the google news technology, so news businesses can receive more from digital advertising and develop long-lasting businesses. The dedicated news team partners of google news with publishers of all sizes to discover new strategies to adapt and expand their business with marketing, alongside their product enhancements. That helps everyone keep the best of the internet open and free

How can you make money through google news if you a news publication?

The “Newsstand” tab is a tool of the Google News App that enables users to purchase and obtain news information. It is important to have a registered new business to get it featured in the “newsstand” tab of the google news. If you are not subscribed to the Publisher Center, sign up now.  In these countries’ markets the segment “Featured material” is live:

America, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, India, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, and Qatar.

How is Google news harming news outlets?

News Media Alliance’s study highlights business concerns about Google and other tech companies damaging conventional news outlets by controlling the internet news environment and increasing ad revenues from it.

Google has progressively monetized online news as it works to keep consumers in its ecosystem, according to the study, and that news search queries allow the internet company to collect data from its customers to help customize its other goods.


Google News does not charge itself for its subscription. Google news revenue is mostly Google searches by the people. It is a very small amount that Google earns from the subscription. There is no such way the Google news displays the ad. For example, if you are searching for car repair shops in your area. After some time, you will start getting the advertisement for cars spare parts. But if you search for news, there is no way you will get the Ads for it.

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