Stop “Typing” notification & turn off read receipts on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users have long had a variety of ways of keeping their activity private – from turning off your ‘Last Online’ settings to preventing the app from showing the double blue tick when you’ve a message, there are many ways to customise your experience on the chat app.

But did you know that there’s a way to practically lock down your account, so that people can’t even see when you’re typing in reply to a message?

We’ve put together a quick guide for you in case you want to ensure your WhatsApp experience is as safe from prying eyes as possible.

Here’s how you can ensure a more private experience on WhatsApp.

To prevent other people from seeing when you were last online, simply head to Settings once WhatsApp is open and then find the Last Seen option.

Toggle it to Nobody if you want your activity to be private – if you activate this, it also means you will not be able to see the last time somebody was online either.

Next, you can off Read Receipts. Simply toggle the option off in your Settings – this should be the same on both iPhone and Android devices.

Similarly to Last Seen, if this option is off, you won’t be able to see Read Receipts for other users, either – that is to say there will be no blue ticks displayed on either users’ side of the conversation within the app.

Finally, if you want to draft out a pretty long reply but don’t wan’t another user to see that you’re typing, put your phone into Airplane Mode before opening the message and starting your reply.

This method also works if you want to read a message without the other person in the conversation – or anyone else in a group – knowing that you’ve opened the app.

If you get a about a message you want to read, put your phone into Airplane Mode, then open the app.

No-one else will be able to see that you’ve opened and read the message until your phone is back online.

Alternatively, if you’re on iOS 13 you can press down on a on your lock screen to ‘preview’ most of a WhatsApp message (unless it’s particularly lengthy).

Android users can install a WhatsApp widget to their home screens that allows them to browse messages without opening the app or marking the message as ‘Read’.

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