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You are traveling to a new city or are looking for something to do in your hometown. For years now, some of the best places to turn to for ideas are sites like TripAdvisor or Facebook, with them offering suggestions as well as reviews.

The sites can be incredibly helpful, especially when trying to make a decision in an unfamiliar location. You can’t be expected to know about everything that is going on, which is why travel guides and other resources are important.

Long known for providing information, is getting into that arena, too. You may have noticed it already when searching for things on the site, though it is a somewhat subtle addition.

Say hello to things that interest you

It should not be surprising to see Google add in a feature that will display nearby events tied to your interests. The site traffics in information, and the more they can provide you the better.

In this case, Google will show you the time, location and ticket price as well as give you reviews of the venue. You will also have a chance to purchase tickets for events through Google with companies like Ticketmaster and Stubhub, which will be linked within the search results page.

The new tool is available in the United States, though a global launch date has yet to be determined.

Google is banking on the feature making it easier for people who are in search of activities, which it really is. Just type in “events near me” or the name of a specific location in your search bar and then you will see a link for events.

Tapping on “Upcoming Events” will open up a new page with a bevvy of options. Tapping or clicking on any of them will open up another page with even greater detail, including location, directions and, if applicable, a way to purchase tickets.

In time, Google plans on adding things like personal recommendations to go along with the information about events that should interest you.

The new tool is not just for finding events and things to do, though that is its primary purpose. It will also make it easy to save and share your events with others, which is helpful if you want to try and friends or family to go with.

Google will show trending or popular events in the chosen area, with suggestions sourced from all over the internet. You can have them sorted by date as well as type, such as concert, festival or show, thereby increasing the likelihood of it helping out.

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