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You’ve probably heard us talk all about this little gadget that can solve your TV dialog and volume issues. It’s our sponsor’s amazing gizmo, the Aftermaster Pro.

The Aftermaster Pro is a groundbreaking audio remastering box that adjusts and enhances your TV’s sound in real time while you’re watching.

Better yet, it can bring out the ever-important dialog front and center without sacrificing the detail, dynamics, and excitement of your favorite programs.

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With the help of respected names in the music and audio industry, the Aftermaster Pro team has created a remarkable product that can transform your TV viewing experience by bringing audio clarity, consistency, and transparency to your movies, TV shows, and even music.

But what’s the technology behind the Aftermaster Pro? Read on and let’s find out.



The technology behind Aftermaster Pro

Basically, the Aftermaster Pro is a little portable device that sits between your TV and your audio/video source such as your cable box, streaming box, game console or DVD/Blu-ray player.

Simply hook your media player up to the Aftermaster Pro via either of its two HDMI inputs then connect it back to your TV, external soundbar, speaker system or audio receiver via its HDMI output. Setting it up is so straightforward it will only take you about 60 seconds to have it up and running!

The technology behind the Aftermaster Pro is quite remarkable.

Unlike any other TV audio processing technology, the Aftermaster Pro is unique because it actually remasters TV audio through complex algorithms and delivers a never before heard quality of sound set to the standards of the Aftermaster audio team.

The Aftermaster Pro’s sound processing makes any audio source substantially louder, fuller and clearer, which can only be achieved through remastering.

At the heart of the Aftermaster Pro is its proprietary Belasigna AM 300 Digital Signal Processing (DSP) chip, which the company jointly developed with ON Semiconductor, a multi-billion dollar, multi-national semiconductor chip manufacturer.

When an audio event such as TV or music passes through Aftermaster, its complex algorithms actually capture each element of an audio input and remaster it so the end product is more balanced and sounds noticeably better.

In the case of TV programming, the Aftermaster Pro solves the biggest problems with TV audio, which is the need to constantly adjust the volume to hear dialogue or to manage loud special effects. The Aftermaster Pro fixes this by raising and clarifying dialogue while also processing the ambient sound, music and effects into a balanced and greatly enhanced audio stream.

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The team behind the

The Aftermaster team is unique in the audio technology world as they have produced, engineered and mastered more hit records than any other audio company in the world.

This team has produced, engineered and mastered music for some of the biggest and best-known artists of all time. Their work includes the biggest names in the industry including U2, Maroon 5, Alice Cooper, Beyoncé, Madonna, John Williams, and Michael Jackson. Click here for the Aftermaster team’s discography.

This expertise sets them apart from any other audio company because more time, money, expertise and ingenuity has gone into advancing audio over the last century because of the music industry. The Aftermaster team simply knows what sounds right.

Aftermaster’s mission

The Aftermaster Pro team has spent thousands of hours over several years and over $15,000,000 developing its award-winning and patented Aftermaster audio technology.

The company’s mission was to set out to develop a true breakthrough in digital audio. Aftermaster is the only audio process that makes audio sound substantially better throughout the entire frequency range. Other technologies enhance certain frequencies at the expense of others, which leaves an unbalanced and often muddy playback.

But with the help of respected names in the music and audio industry, the Aftermaster Pro team has created a remarkable product that can transform your TV viewing experience.

Hear the Aftermaster Pro difference

Do you want to hear the Aftermaster Pro at work? Listen to the video samples and hear for yourself.

No wonder people from over 100 countries have already purchased an Aftermaster Pro to answer the question plaguing all TV watchers today – “Where’s the dialogue?”

TV Show: 



So are you ready to experience this revolutionary product that will bring your TV viewing to a whole new level?

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