To root or not to root, that is the question

What is root?

The term “root” comes from the Linux world. The root operation in is much the same as it is there: it gets you full access (a.k.a. root access) to the entire file system, making you a “superuser”. This allows you to make profound adjustments and changes to the software. If this is already sounding a little geeky for your tastes, follow the link below for an explanation of terminology.

But for novice , it also poses a risk, because very important system files can be just as easily deleted as less important ones. This is one of the main reasons why Android smartphones are not rooted by default: to avoid innocent but catastrophic mistakes.

Root access is often gained by using a script that you install in Android’s download mode, which automatically executes itself, granting root access in the process. This script often uses a vulnerability in the operating system kernel by performing what is called a privilege escalation.

AndroidPIT SuperSU free app how to root
SuperSU is one of the best for managing root access on Android. / © AndroidPIT

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