Top 9 Mobile Apps Marketplace to Buy and Sell Source Code

John and Thom are app developers who wanted to start building their own application portfolio. Both started working at the same time and within one year; John is generating over $10K plus revenue where as Thom is still struggling to earn $1000 a month. Why? There is no magic or any shortcuts in building profitable mobile app portfolio. Effective utilization of resources plays an important role and in John’s case, he did exactly the same.

Do you want to know how John did this? here we go!

Rather then building mobile apps from the scratch, John went to mobile app source marketplaces to buy ready-made iPhone and android app source code. He did extensive research on demand and accordingly buy the source codes to publish apps in less time. With minor customization and re-skinning the app, he started launching app and at the same time, he also started selling his source code on these marketplaces. This strategy helped John to produce more applications within small time and resulted in better ROI as compare to Thom who was building application from the scratch for both iPhone and Android platforms.

If you are mobile application developers or want to built profitable mobile app portfolio, buy and sell mobile app source codes to make money out of it. No matter whether you are iPhone or Android application developer; mobile app marketplaces are the blessing for app developer community. Lets see how?

Why to buy or sell app source code?

Mobile application development is considered as one of the most competitive market and it is challenging job for developers to fulfill the requirements of client. When it comes to meeting client’s deadlines, buying app source code from marketplaces can help you by offering ready made working modules to complete your iphone or android projects on time. Mobile application marketplaces also offers exciting opportunities to make extra money by selling mobile app source codes at reasonable prices. If you can develop unique and working source code, there are people who ready to buy them at competitive price.

Compiled list of Top Mobile App Marketplaces

Marketplace NamePlatform Support
Sell My AppiOS, Android, Unity, BuildboxCheck
App N Game ReskinApp and Games Template (iOS, Android, Unity 3D source codes)Check
CodesterWeb, Mobile App Scipts & CodesCheck
FlippaWebsite, Code MarketplaceCheck
Code CanyonAll Types of Source Code MarketplaceCheck

As there are hundreds of app market places available online, it is difficult to choose the best one which offers trusted and reliable apps source code. To make your job easier, we did research by considering numbers of factors to prepare the list of top #9 mobile apps source code marketplaces which offers:

  • Huge collection of latest source codes for iOS, Android, Windows and other platforms
  • The original app source code as claimed by developers
  • Refund if you are not happy with the deployed code
  • Working source codes developed by experienced app developers
  • Customization and enhancement support by original developer
  • Having positive feedback from existing buyers
  • Compatible with latest iOS / Android or respective operating system

If you are newbie and want to learn mobile application development by exploring FREE source codes, don’t worry; few marketplaces listed here are also stocks huge collection of Free app source codes of working projects. Lets explore the all popular source code market places.

Popular Mobile Application Source Code Marketplaces

#1 SellMyApp

Sellmyapp is one of the oldest mobile application source code marketplaces having huge collection of source codes for Android & iOS in different niche. It provides excellent quality source codes and has a dedicated team of professionals that provide Reskin and coding services for the items purchased on the marketplace. With a buyer protection of 14 days for any purchase and a great support system this is by far one of the best choices for mobile source code shopping. They are also publishing useful content on their blog sharing tips on app development using these source code and how to guide for developers.

We have also compiled a separate list of 10 best game app source code templates for you to choose from Sell My App marketplace. It will save your time while reviewing the marketplaces to download source code.


AppNGameReskin is a rapidly growing App Source code Marketplace, has successfully establishing itself as a trusted place to buy and sell app source codes within small time span. We found that, experienced developers from across the world are joining AppnGameReskin due to various seller benefits introduced by this marketplace such as easy vendor registration, Weekly payments, featured promotion for each product, high commissions, vendor interview publishing on blog and Facebook paid campaigns, this is the reason AppnGameReskin has portfolio of great App & Game Templates. Vendors can sell App Templates, Game Templates, Graphic Assets & Quick Launch Apps.

They are offering 100% Unique App Launch services in the price of Reskin. Company has just launched this service on all source code templates, they will modify source code with new features addition for you such as Level Map orientation, UI & Flow of your App, Levels Design, Leader board or replacement of any existing feature with new feature in your App and will provide you a unique App in the price of Reskin. Because of all its unique features & benefits both for the app sellers & buyers, I have listed AppnGameReskin on 2nd rank in my list of Top 9 App source code marketplaces.

#3 Codester

Codester is not just selling mobile apps source code but also offers big platform for web application developers. It is one of the largest inventory for Scripts, Apps, plugins, themes, templates source codes. Codester is a marketplace where designers and developers can buy and sell PHP scripts, app source codes, themes, plugins and more. They have a separate section for mobile app source code categorized by iOS, Android, Unity, Corona and Tatanium source codes.


Codecanyon is a popular market place owned by world’s popular brand Envato. You can buy as well as sell your app source codes at Envato market place and can earn huge commission too. Here you will get various components for the variety of languages and frameworks like PHP, Java, JavaScript, ASP.NET and many others.

There is a large collection of high quality mobile app source codes for all different platforms. Not only do they sell iOS app source codes or Android source codes, they also have many app source codes for SDK’s to build hybrid apps. You can find source codes built in Unity, Corona and Titanium platform to deploy for all different app stores with small customization.

#5 Flippa – An entrepreneur’s marketplace

Flippa is considered as world’s most popular website & domain market place and now has strong presence in mobile application source codes too. Flippa is true entrepreneur’s market place where you can buy or sell android & iOS application businesses and can make big money out of it. Showcase over thousands of applications; you will have vast option to choose from. The process is pretty simple; just list your functioning application along with download or earning statistics and your selling price. Buyers will check this information and may ask query directly from there or can bid their offer which can be accepted or rejected by seller.


Sell My Source Code is world’s emerging marketplace from where you can buy and sell the source codes of Android, iOS, Windows platforms and best known for their 3D games source codes. This marketplace offers an exciting opportunity for the mobile application developers to get ready to use source codes. With this portal users can also download their required source codes at free of costs. With huge collection of source code, Sell My Source Code is also including more and unique application every day. As per recent updates, they are getting more popularity because of their unique application and support. If you are in need to customize existing source code or want to enhance the feature, they are having team of experience mobile apps developers who can make it possible at very competitive prices.

#7 is an unique mobile app source code marketplace which allows iOS and Android developers to sell and buy their codes and generate extra revenue from it. It is an emerging platform for app developers and investors to buy, sell, or license existing mobile apps/games. Here investors can easily find mobile apps source code for different category like Games, Entertainment, Finance & other utilities at best price.

The platform is rapidly growing with new addition of different application templates only daily bases. We also learned that, soon they are going to add VR and AR app source code too that will help you to develop app faster with the use of AR SDK available in market.


Chupamobile is one of the leading marketplaces from where anyone can buy and sell professional Apps as well as games source codes at highly competitive price. This one-stop mobile apps source code marketplace offers you the largest library of ready to use apps that can help you to save upto 90% of the app development time and cost in order to launch your Android or iOS application. With this portal you can have your own app and can easily use them without any development skills. With over 3500+ app source codes & templates plus 15K+ user base, chupamobile is leading the mobile app source code industry. They also offers FREE learning tutorials for developers to sharpen their apps development skills.


Apptopia is a marketplace from where you will get most actionable mobile app data and insights into the industry so that you will be able to make your business decisions easily and quickly. They provide transparent app economy in order to make all the data available to many people.


I tried my best to list the top marketplaces as per my knowledge and understanding, if you have any recommendation for this list; do write here by comment or drop me an email with detailed information about your source code marketplace with brief paragraph about why you think it should be added in this list. Our editor will review your marketplace and will include in this list if it can fulfill our editorial criteria.

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