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Did you just buy a new iPhone XS or iPhone XR? Are you looking to get the new iPad Pro? If so, you may be wondering how to transfer your mobile data to your new device. You need what is sometimes referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone, iPad, and iPod management: 2. If you’ve had to leave data behind before when upgrading devices, you know the pain of this process.

With this tool you can browse and manage your backups, extract and print your text messages, and even drag and drop songs to your device. You won’t need to jailbreak your device, and you won’t need to use iCloud.

iMazing allows you to transfer files between a Mac or PC and any iOS device wirelessly and without being connected through USB. It works with all documents, data, and media and is a great way to quickly update a new iPhone or iPad with old data. Your new data can then be stored for smarter backups.

This software allows you to copy your music files back and forth from your computer to your device and vice versa. You can also export all your pictures and videos without the use of iCloud or iTunes. Your contacts, eBooks, and PDFs can be managed the same way. Voice mail, call history, voice memos, and notes can be accessed in this manner as well.

This software can be used on an unlimited number of iOS devices and up to two Mac or PC computers.

You can get it now at 77% off for just $19.99.

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