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In addition to being one of the biggest online platforms hosting user-submitted videos, Facebook has recently been making a major push into the online video streaming space. The company has thus introduced a new feature called Party on Facebook which will enable users to watch Facebook videos with their simultaneously.

Watch Party is going to sync their streams so that the user’s friends can react and comment while they add videos to the watch queue. The playback will also be controlled by the “host” of the Watch Party, multiple people can host it as well.

Attendees will be able to suggest videos for the queue but they will not be able to add them. A Watch Party can only be started in a Group right now and not on Pages. The videos have to be hosted on Facebook for the feature to function, they can be pre-recorded or Live videos as well.

Facebook has actually been testing this feature since January 2018 and it’s now rolling it out widely to more users. This looks like a feature that would be better suited to the likes of Netflix but for some reason, the online video streaming behemoth chooses not to offer subscribers a way to watch synchronized content with their friends who also subscribe to Netflix.

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