How White Label Password Manager Works?

What is White Labeling?

White Labelling is the process of putting a label on a product or a service made by a company that allows other companies to rebrand it. The producing company then lets the other company claim the product as theirs. It could be anything from consumer products like grocery items, gadgets, software and in this case, a password manager.

The buying company purchases license for the software and literally slaps its label on the preproduced password manager and markets it as its own. Just like Walmart, it has a small brand name tied to its superstore chain franchise called the “Great Value” brand. There are plenty of products that are marketed under this Great Value brand and are placed on the shelves.

Did Walmart manufacture these Great Value goods on display? No. They contracted producers who make these products and put the label on and let it sell by virtue of its name.

Why White Label?

To begin with, it is fairly obvious that white labeling is anchored on the principle that you can actually offer good value to your customer via other people’s production. You put a label on it and make yourself accountable for the quality and expected standards of the product. This way, your customer is assured of promises delivered without having to worry about who to tum to in case of quality or warranty issues.

The labeler, on the other hand, can pull in a decent profit hinging on the timeliness of when the product was offered or sold. In other words, the execution of proper timing. Additionally, the seller won’t have to go through the trouble of developing the product and missing out on that right timing. Hence, this process benefits all the participating parties who join by way of receiving value and some assurance about the product or service that was exchanged.

White Label Password Manager

Despite the fact that some think that passwords are nowadays outdated, there is still nothing out there that can securely replace it. Thus, it is predicted that passwords will become even more in demand now, and in the near future. Along with it will be the increasing need for password managers.

We at PassCamp have spent 5 years (and running) using a valuable amount of resources by putting it into the research and development of our security systems. The result of these efforts is a password manager that adheres to the most important principles in securing our client’s data.

As follows:

  • Confidentiality

Only the owner gets to securely access, modify, or transfer data as needed. Unauthorized access is eliminated.

  • Availability

Secure data is available to the owner at any point in time.

  • Integrity

Tamper proof and thoroughly documented whenever changes are made.

  • End-to-End Encryption

Encrypted keys are created locally by the users right on to their devices. Nothing is uploaded on the cloud server.

These are key principles that are being maintained by PassCamp when offering white labeling as a powerful alternative. This goes for our clients, and they to their customers too.

The Ability to Compete and Adhere to Industry Standards

  • Replacing logo
  • Adding a subdomain
  • Adjusting theming and colors schemes for the product
  • Creating a unique name for your password manager

These are just some of the few things that we can possibly cater to as we take on one-on-one meetings with you, our clients. We can discuss how you want it and what you want your password managers to look like at the point of labeling. And most importantly, doing it without any compromise in the process of secure password sharing.

Additional Benefits of White Labelling your Password Manager (reseller)

Faster and More Efficient

As a reseller, you can add to your portfolio of services offered a password manager that bears your reliable brand name. It gives you the chance to penetrate new market, capitalize, and even expand your client base. This is without having to do all the testing, implementation, and all the other things that come with building a product from the ground up.

Having a white-labeled password manager allows you to provide your dient with a ready and robust security software suite, in less time using less capital. You can also increase your credibility in the market as a seller by offering an expanded and comprehensive package that provides several solutions to the many needs of your client

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