Zoom Quick Guide: How to Have Amazing Video Quality

Due to an increased global , most companies use zoom to communicate with clients and employees. The number of annual meeting minutes on zoom is now over 3.3 trillion. Use the tips below to get good quality videos on zoom.

Clear Your Background

A messy background looks very unprofessional and is also very distracting. You should thus ensure that you remove any objects hanging behind your head. It’s also a good idea that you attend your zoom calls in a professional environment, like your home office.

You can even customize your surroundings while on the zoom call. Click settings, then the virtual background, and choose your desired option. Tap on the image, and it automatically changes your screen. You can also upload an image from your device. From the virtual background page, click choose the virtual background and upload the photo.

Use Enough Light

Light makes a significant impact on the quality of your video. When you hold your zoom meeting in a dark room, the video will appear amateurish. Therefore, situate yourself at a north-facing or south-facing window. This position prevents direct sun rays from glaring into your eyes. You might also want to avoid overhead lighting since it casts shadows. Instead, use soft light.

Mute Audio and Turn off the Video on Entry

To ensure that you enter a meeting quietly, turn off the camera and mute audio. This will protect your colleagues from excessive background noise or seeing unnecessary things in your house. Go to settings and mute the microphone when joining a meeting. Also, click turn off my video when joining a call.

Once you join the conference wear a headphone with a built-in microphone, like the Plantronics office headsets. It helps filter out background noises and ensure that your voice is clear and loud. Turn on the video when ready, and unmute when you are called to speak by pressing and holding the spacebar.

Sit Correctly

Aim at presenting yourself in the best possible image when holding a zoom meeting. Sometimes, your camera position can make your face look bored and tired. Hence, place your laptop in a raised position so that the webcam is in line with your eyes. If you are using a phone, lift it using a tripod or get creative with a stack of books.

When you hold the phone with your hand, it will make the video very shaky. Always maintain eye contact with the camera lens while speaking to keep your people focused on you and give them a feeling that you are directly addressing them.

Improve Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wi-Fi issues can cause video inconsistency. It’s therefore essential that you limit other Wi-Fi use in your house if you have an important meeting coming up. Disable your smart TV, tablets, and phones to free up some bandwidth for the call. Ask your family members not to use the internet at the time of the meeting. It’s also a good idea that you move closer to the router and close all other applications on your device.

Turn on the Beauty Filter

For most people working from home, you might not dress up or groom yourself as a regular workday. Since you still want to appear presentable during the zoom call, the beauty filters may be helpful.

They brighten up your face and even minimize the appearance of dark spots under your eyes. The filters also smoothen your looks so that you will appear more alert and ready for business. Click on settings, then touch up my appearance.

Hide Non-video Participants and Create Breakout Rooms

While holding large meetings, the participants might clutter your screen. This can be very distracting, especially if some participants aren’t using the video call. Click on settings, then video, meetings, and tap on hide non-video participants.

Alternatively, you can split your larger conferences into smaller sessions using the breakout rooms feature. Thus, you can communicate with different people in their respective groups and bring them back into the main session. Go to the account manager, account settings, and then breakout rooms. This feature promotes better interactions between participants which boost collaboration.


Zoom is a helpful video conferencing tool with enhanced features to meet your business’s unique online needs. By making some minor adjustments as outlined above, you can improve the video quality and maximize the zoom experience.

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