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If you want your brand and products to stand out, you need slick and attractive materials. But you don’t want to spend money on something before you know how it looks for real.

That’s where Placeit comes in. This service allows you to easily generate high-quality product mockups on all sorts of products. Let’s take a look at what it offers and how to use it. It just might change the way you do business!

Meet Placeit

Head to Placeit’s homepage and you’ll see a sampling of the templates on offer. These include Sports Logos for Your Team, T-Shirt Design Templates, and much more. Click on one if it interests you.

If none of those catch your eye, you should start off with the four options at the top of the screen. Mockups, Designs, Logos, and Videos collect the general types of content available on Placeit. Select one to see what’s on offer and start making it your own.

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And if you prefer, try the search bar below the marquee to look for the exact smart template you need.


On this tab, you have all kinds of options to see how your design looks on shirts, smartphones, hats, computers, and much more. The default view shows all available choices, but you can filter by type on the left. Some of the ones we think are the coolest are:

  • Jersey
  • Facebook Ad
  • Flyer
  • Smartwatch

Aside from the type of mockup, you can filter by various tags as well. These include the race, gender, and age of models in the image, specific type of clothing, what sport it depicts, and similar. These let you drill down to the exact mockup image you need for your project.


Need to create a flyer, coupon, banner, or similar? This is the spot for you. On the left side, choose from templates like Social Media Images, Business Cards, or Poster Maker. You can filter these further with tags like Small Business, Restaurant, or Education.


A good logo represents your company and builds brand recognition in an instant. No matter your industry, you can mock up a new logo with Placeit and create something stunning. It makes the logo-creation process quick and painless, even if you’re not experienced in graphic design.

Enter your company name at the top of this page to see at once on all the examples. Represented fields include Sports, Gaming, Coffee Shop, Automotive, and much more.


The final category makes creating awesome short social media videos a cinch. Placeit has presets for Instagram videos, logo introductions, and more. These are great for connecting with your social audiences, or embedding onto your website.

Using the Mockup Editor

Whether you choose a highlight from the marquee, browse through one of the tabs described above, or search for what you want, you’ll end up on the editor before long. This allows you to tweak the samples to your liking. And depending on what you’re editing, you’ll see various tools to play with.

For example, when editing a coffee shop logo, you’ll have all sorts of coffee-related images on the right side. Pick one and it appears on your mockup. You can select the color of this element as well as the background.

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On the left side of the editor, you’ll have access to text options. Enter the text you want for your logo on various lines, then choose the font and its color. Most logos also have different layouts to preview, too.

If you scroll down, you’ll see your logo design added to some related mockups. For a coffee shop logo, per our example above, this shows an apron, mug, and menu.

Creating a Mockup

The design uploader is an awesome tool that allows you to preview your design on many mockups at once. For instance, if you select hoodie templates, you’ll see an Upload Your Design Here button at the top. Adding your image will then reflect on every sample below.

Clicking on a specific image gets you a closer look. You can also change the color of the object on the right side. For device mockups, you can add images from URLs instead.

Placeit Pricing

Once you’re satisfied with your mockup or logo, clicking the Download button on the page lets you download a high-quality version for a set price. This depends on the type of mockup you’re downloading, but can range between $8 for a flyer and $39 for a logo.

If you design a lot of mockups, it’s definitely worth looking at Placeit’s Unlimited Subscription plan. For $29 per month, you can download as many designs as you want (with a three per month minimum requirement). This will pay for itself if you use the service often.

Make Awesome Designs With Placeit

Hopefully this helped you understand how simple it is to create a stunning graphic with Placeit. The straightforward editing tools and professional designs take the hard work off you and let you create sharp mockups in minutes regardless of your experience level. With a huge library of content, you’re bound to find just what you need no matter what you want to design.

And if anything isn’t clear, check out Placeit’s FAQ page. In addition to text instructions, it has video tutorials for all the most important functions.

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