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Auto makes accessing your phone’s music, navigation, and more in your car easy and safe. It features tons of compatible apps and easy commands thanks to Google Assistant.

If you want to go further with Android Auto, you should know about a few quick tweaks to make it better.

1. Force Day or Night Mode

By default, Android Auto changes between day and night modes based on your car’s settings. If you’d rather force the light or dark theme all the time, you can do so with a trip to Android Auto’s developer settings.

Just like the standard Android developer options

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, Android Auto also includes a hidden menu with extra settings. To enable it, open the Android Auto app on your phone and choose About from the left menu.

Tap the About Android Auto header text about 10 times and you’ll see a prompt to enable developer options. Accept it, then hit the three-dot Menu button and choose Developer settings.

Here you’ll find several new options. While not all of them are useful for normal users, tap Day/Night to toggle between Car-controlled, Phone-controlled, Day, and Night. Phone-controlled uses sunrise/sunset times instead of your car’s system.

Also in this menu, have a look at the Allows 720p video output and the similar 1080p option. Depending on your car’s head unit, these could increase the quality of Android Auto’s display.

2. Autolaunch

If you don’t want to launch Android Auto manually every time you get in your car, this option comes in handy. Open the Settings menu from the left sidebar, and tap Autolaunch.

Here, enable Autolaunch (and Pocket detection if you don’t want it to start while your phone is in your pocket) and choose your car’s Bluetooth below.

3. Automatic Replies

When you receive a message while in Android Auto, you’ll see an option to send an automatic reply to it. If you tap the Auto reply option in the Settings menu, you can change this reply to whatever you like.

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