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Sharing posts on your own and with friends has been a crucial part of the way users interact with Facebook. However, according to a new leak, this practice may be about to change.

According to a Twitter post by Matt Navarra, who is a famous social and digital media consultant, Facebook is replacing the share on its posts with a Message button.

This update seems to be coming for posts on news feed across pages and profiles.

It is an obvious push from Facebook for users to interact more on the Messenger. While this would probably make the timelines a bit clutter free, but this would seriously hurt the organic reach of Pages.

Representational Image

Representational Image

While Facebook hasn't confirmed the rollout of the feature, and the testing is also no guarantee that the feature will indeed see the light of the day, however, if it does, it would certainly limit my time spent of Facebook.

Not a lot of people use Facebook Messenger as the primary medium for communication, and if Facebook will try to push people on the platform, it's likely that users just hover on the primary app and then exit.

If that is the direction Facebook is aiming for, it also makes sense for its recent efforts of helping users manage their time on the platform. Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out time management tools for both Instagram and Facebook, wherein users can see an overview of the time they spend on the app daily and weekly, manage notifications and set time limits for the time they want to dedicate in a day on the apps.

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