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Love super fans desperate for another fix can while away the hours on its very first official game – that allows players to ‘graft’ and even ‘couple up’.

Like the smash hit show, : The Game players can get grafting, mug people off, play cheeky challenges and couple up.

Players, who have to choose a female character, even have the choice to “get intimate.”

Just like the show the app opens with: “Life can be dull. Life can be boring. Day after day, it’s just the same old routine.

Love Island: The Game

“But for the chosen few, everything is about to change.

“Eleven Islanders are on their way to find love… and you’re one of them.”

Choices made in the game will determine the story in the Villa, which is a replica of the one in Majorca with a luxury pool, fire pit, and a massive communal bedroom.

Players get to choose their own “outrageous outfits”, as well as their name, skin tone, hair style and colour, and job.

The more ‘gems’ unlocked, the more choice.

Love Island: The Game

But men who want to play will be disappointed as only female avatars are available.

Players can have plenty of chit-chat with both the girls and guys, gossiping or grafting, and can choose to be nice or naughty – but should be aware that what they say might come back to haunt them.

If a player has said they won’t have sex on TV and do, they’ll get called up on it.

The famous “I got a text” is incorporated to move the game along to the next level and announce challenges.

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Love Island final

You can couple up

In a twist, islanders have the first to day to get to know each other rather than coupling up straight away.

Five bikini-clad women and six muscular men start off on the Island, and it’s announced one man “will be dumped from the island tonight”.

The description of the mobile app, from Fusebox Games, states: “Play as one of the girls on the hit show and live your very own Love Island experience.

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Try not to get pied

“The choices you make will determine the way the story unfolds, with all the banter, drama and romance of the show.

“You’ll choose outrageous outfits, play cheeky challenges, and get grafting.

“And of course, you’ll pick your partner in tense recouplings and get the chance to share intimate moments with them.

“Have your very own holiday romance in paradise with the first official Love Island mobile game.

“Get ready for the hottest summer of your life.”

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