Nokia 7 Plus, Pixelbook 2, Lenovo Smart Display (MobileTechRoundup show #439) | Top Stories

We had some scheduling challenges the past couple of weeks so Kevin and I recorded a bit longer show #439 to cover what has been happening since our last show.


Image: ZDNet
  • LG G7 ThinkQ for $599 through The Verge / B&H
  • No DeX dock needed for Samsung Galaxy Note 9?
  • Why not have DeX run Chrome OS on external monitor?
  • CAT S61 rugged phone with FLIR
  • Kevin bought a Nokia 7 Plus
  • Ookla Speedtest study shows Qualcomm 845 beats Intel for wireless performance
  • iPad Pro losing the headphone jack and getting pogo pins for portrait mode typing?
  • Matt bought a Fenix 5 Plus
  • Lenovo delivers first Google Smart Display (Kevin ordered one!)
  • Pixelbook 2 rumors and code hints
  • USB Wi-Fi dongle support coming to Chromebooks

Running time: 77 minutes

Listen here (MP3, 89MB)

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