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You don’t need to go to college to learn nowadays. Online resources let you study any subject you can imagine, whether you want to get a certified education or just enjoy learning about something new.

is one of the most well-respected online learning sites. With over 2,400 courses, you’re sure to find something enjoyable and useful for you.

Here are 10 courses on Coursera you should check out if you’re interested in serious learning.

Many of today’s jobs don’t involve a lot of physical activity, meaning that you’re probably inactive for most of the day. This can take a toll on your health if you aren’t careful. With this course, you’ll learn the best ways to add more physical activity to your life, how to set goals, and more.

While the course is available for free, you can purchase full access for $49 to earn a certificate. Once you complete it, you can add this certificate to your Coursera page and even add it to your LinkedIn profile.

It’s no secret that music is a powerful force. The right music can help you focus, bring out emotions as you watch a movie, or bring back powerful memories. But have you ever wondered how this really works?

You’ll find out in this course. It explains six principles about how music influences us, and how it can be a force for social good. You’ll learn how music affects both individuals and communities. It’s perfect for anyone who loves music, well-being, and sociology/psychology.

Like the above, you can take the course for free, but a $49 purchase will earn you a certificate.

Getting stuck in a rut isn’t good, so most people probably change up various aspects of their lives at times. But how do these experiments affect us overall, and what’s the best way to try new ways of thinking or doing?

This course covers those questions. It teaches you how to plan efficient experiments and works to help you make changes to yourself or your community. Even if you aren’t a statistics person, learning how to make better changes can really improve your daily life.

Enjoy this course for free, or pay $29 to earn a certificate of completion.

Everyone negotiates to some degree. Whether it’s trying to compromise with your spouse, haggling when shopping, or working on a business deal, knowing how to negotiate is a vital skill.

This course walks through four steps to a successful negotiation with a section dedicated to practice at the end. If you struggle in this area, this course could be just the way to sharpen your skills.

A fee of $49 will earn you the certificate for this one.


Economics drives modern nations, so it’s wise to have at least a basic understanding of how markets work. Instead of a simple overview, this course provides a comparison of four different economic theories. These are Social economics, Institutional economics, Post-Keynesian economics, and Neoclassical economics.

Not only will you pick up standard economic calculations and ideas, you’ll also understand various viewpoints. It’s a great combination for newcomers to the field.

If you choose to audit this course for free, you’ll have access to everything except graded materials. You can get full access for $49.

It’s vital that your resume stand out, since employers don’t usually take more than a few seconds to look it over. If you’re in college or a recent graduate, or just need some help polishing your resume, this course is essential.

You’ll learn the best practices for a resume, look at current trends, and exchange feedback with others. This is a project-centered course, which means that you complete a project (your resume, in this case) as you work through it.

Purchase the course for $49 to earn a certificate, or audit it to receive everything except for graded items.

Maybe you didn’t want to pursue philosophy in college, but have an interest in the subject. If so, you’ll definitely want to look into this course. In it, you’ll learn about the building blocks of philosophy from a variety of instructors.

Topics include philosophy of politics, morals, and even metaphysics. It’s a great introduction for newcomers and you’re bound to discover new ways of thinking.

Access the course for free, or purchase access to a certificate for $49.


Big Data is a prevalent topic due to companies like Google and Facebook collecting loads of data about their users. If this interests you, this course will teach you a lot more about data science.

You’ll learn the basics behind Big Data and how it’s applied. It’s a great fit for business workers who want to capitalize on data to make better decisions.

As the first part of the Big Data Specialization on Coursera, you can gain full access to this course and the five following it by subscribing to the Unlimited plan. You can also audit the course to receive the materials for free.

Do you struggle with critical thinking? Take this course to learn how to recognize, deconstruct, and respond to arguments.

This is the first of four parts in the Think Again: How to Reason and Argue series. If you’re interested, check out How to Reason Deductively, How to Reason Inductively, and How to Avoid Fallacies. Each costs $30 if you choose to pursue a certificate, with all materials available for free.


Do you aspire to become a leader? Crafting a lifestyle of leadership is an important way to build up to this. Taking this course will teach you about decision making, motivation, and how to be an effective leader.

It’s part of Coursera’s fully online and accredited MBA program, so take a look at that if this topic intrigues you to learn more. You can audit this course to view the materials at no cost.

Ready to Learn?

It’s amazing how much educational content is available online. The ten courses we’ve shared above will provide dozens of hours of interesting material and introduce you to new skills and disciplines. Adding these certificates to your LinkedIn profile can show that you’ve taken the time to learn and make you more attractive to potential employers.

Which course will you take first?

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