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It’s been the most talked-about programme this summer, full of love, break-ups and some serious grafting.

And as Love Island almost comes to an end, we thought we’d look back on some of the throughout the series.

While some couples like Dani and Jack have stayed strong throughout their time in the villa, other Islanders, like Alex, have been slightly less lucky in love.

But can science help to explain how the Love Islanders choose to couple up?

Professor Viren Swami, a leading on the psychology of romantic attraction from Anglia Ruskin University and speaker at the upcoming British Science Festival, spoke exclusively to the Mirror Online about the science of love.

He said: “Unfortunately for the Islanders who’ve found it harder to couple up or make a relationship stick, like Laura A and Alex, there is no perfect strategy to ensure someone falls for you.

“When it comes to love, fool-proof methods simply do not exist.

“However, there are four key factors – geography, appearance, reciprocity, and similarity – that help explain who we fall for and why.”

Dani and Jack

Up to 50 per cent of people find a partner who lives within a four-mile radius, and the further away someone lives, the less likely it is they’re form a relationship.

This could explain some of the success of Dani and Jack’s relationship.

Professor Swami said: “Those from a similar geographic region may therefore be more likely to couple up, which might explain the attraction Jack and Dani have, and the future they see together in the outside world.”

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One tactic used by many of the islanders is playing hard-to-get.

But Professor Swami explained that this is ‘always a terrible idea.’

He added: “Studies show that, when we play hard-to-get, a potential suitor might want us more in the short-term, but end up disliking us in the longer-term.

“In fact, reciprocity is a vital ingredient in early-stage relationships. It’s a very simple concept – we like people who like us.

“Therefore Georgia’s tactic, ‘keeping them on their toes’ is one which goes against the grain of this principle and is one that didn’t work with Josh.”

Differences in relationship style could also explain why some couples, including Megan and Alex, didn’t last.

Professor Swami added: “Some partners in a couple are constantly looking to test their other half and are only in it as long as they can gain some advantage over their partner.

“They view love as a game to win which can make them more focused on short-term goals, more manipulative, and more focussed on physical characteristics in the target of their affections.”

We’ll have to wait and see which couples actually last on the outside…

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