Why is Facebook letting some Android users react to posts with a ‘Plane’ emoji? | Top Stories

Remember the old dull days when we could only ‘like’ a post? We’re so glad that those days are behind us! We now have angry, happy, sad, love and like react emoticons to better express what we feel about a post. And to make that even better, Facebook is apparently adding a new react emoticon to this set. At least that’s what the latest chatter suggests.

According to some Android users in the UK, they have noticed a new react emoji. Because it is only a handful of people who have received the emoticon, most people are just guessing at its purpose, and the consensus is that it could be to react on related to travel and holidays. And since we all know #travelblogger, #traveller, #travellerlife and #wanderlust are some of the most popular hashtags of our time, people have been curious as to how they could get the feature as well.

Unfortunately, this react emoji only rolled out for a bunch of Android users. While some Reddit users did find a way to get their hands on the feature — update the Facebook app, hold the like button, click the extra angry react emoji to bring up the plane — apparently, this is a short-lived update. So don’t fall for it!

According to a report by Fast Company, Facebook said that the feature was actually a glitch that caused the button to appear. ‘This was created as part of an employee hackathon and wasn’t cleared for takeoff. Our apologies,” a Facebook spokesperson is quoted as saying.

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