25 Year Addicted To PUBG Chopped 60yo Dad Into Pieces

(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an online multiplayer game that was released in 2017. Up till now, they have about 200 players and 30 active players daily on their mobile app, meaning it’s a really popular game! In fact, we’ve even had some couples in Malaysia who got together because they played the game, but unfortunately, this isn’t one of those happy stories.

A man in Belagavi, India allegedly killed his father and chopped him into pieces because he wouldn’t buy more mobile Internet for him to play PUBG, reported Bangalore Mirror.

Raghuveer Kumbar (25) is a student who is said to be really addicted to the game, as he would spend most of his day playing it on his phone daily. His father Shankrappa Kumbar (60), who is a retired police officer, would always advise him to not do so. On 7th September at about 12pm, both of them had an argument about the same issue again. Raghuveer was very triggered, so he fought with his parents and during the fight, he damaged some window panes. The neighbours called the police and Raghuveer got off lightly with only a warning.

At about 5am on 8th September, Raghuveer asked his father for money to buy mobile Internet so that he would be able to play PUBG. This made his father angry and the situation took a turn for worse when Raghuveer locked his mother in her room and dragged his father towards the kitchen.

There, Raghuveer took a meat cleaver and chopped his father into pieces. The neighbours called the police when they heard screams coming from the house, and police arrived not long after to survey the tragic scene. They have since taken Raghuveer into custody, and have confirmed that further action awaits the young man.

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That’s very unfortunate thing and it could have been avoided entirely. Thoughts and prayers go out to the deceased man, may he rest in peace.

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