‘Crazy Rich Asians’ author Kevin Kwan has not returned to Singapore for almost 20 years | Viral

Kevin Kwan is wanted in after he defaulted his National Service.

After it was revealed that the of the book and now blockbuster Hollywood movie “ Rich Asians”, Kevin Kwan, defaulted on his National Service (NS) obligations, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) revealed on Tuesday (August 28) that he has not been back to Singapore in almost 20 .

The Ministry of Defence said that the 45-year-old, who was born in Singapore, “failed to register for National Service (NS) in 1990, despite notices and letters sent to his overseas address”.

He had also stayed overseas without a valid exit permit and is wanted for his NS obligations, which explained why he was not present at the Singaporean premiere for the film, which was inspired by his book series.

The MHA has now come out to say that records show that Kwan has not entered Singapore for the last 18 years.

As reported by The Straits Times, MHA media relations director Sunny Lee said in a statement: “As far as we can ascertain, there are no records of him having entered Singapore since 2000.”

“Mr Kwan remains a Singapore citizen who is wanted for defaulting on his NS obligations and will be arrested if he enters Singapore”, Lee added.

If he does indeed return to Singapore, Kwan is liable for a fine of up to S$10,000 (US$7322) and/or imprisonment of up to three years, if convicted.

The New York-based author, who left Singapore and moved to Texas with his family at the age of 11, has yet to comment on the NS controversy ever since the news was revealed.

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