Fake Marketing? How AI and Process Technology Can Reveal Brand Truth in Earned and Social Media | Viral

Join Turbine Labs’ CEO Leigh Fatzinger for a discussion at the 2018 MarTech Conference in San Jose, CA April 23-25.







Leigh Fatzinger

Founder & CEO, Turbine Labs




Michael Marinello

Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications, Turner




Jason Moriber

Director, Corporate Brand & Communications, Verizon






Michelle Robbins

SVP Content & Marketing Technology, Third Door Media, Inc.,



Many factors are contributing to the growing crisis of accuracy, authenticity and the ability to gain insights from marketing campaigns and earned media measurement. “Fake news”, social media bot accounts and pay-for-virality schemes, are making the process of determining true brand impact elusive.

As the cycle of attention and media moves at an ever-increasing pace, what role do advances in play in separating truth from fiction, context from noise, and value from junk?

Our panel will discuss how Verizon and Turner are using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and process technology to help senior marketing and communications executives make faster, more informed decisions in the current landscape.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to find trust and confidence in the data and insights garnered from earned media.
  • Where artificial intelligence can help in the process of marketing and earned media measurement, and where current technology falls short.
  • How to bridge the gap between machine learning and human context.
  • Best practices for how marketers can deal with fake news, inflated metrics, and information overload.

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