Go inside the world of child sex trafficking, abduction, and hate group recruiting


When kindhearted strangers appear in kids' lives these days, it's usually online, unbeknownst to parents. Someone who understands their problems and offers expensive gifts and the promise of a dream life.

Internet-based recruiters come in all shapes and sizes, and can get to your in all sorts of ways. From there, children get lured into the sex trade, terrorist groups and some are held for ransom.

In this podcast, former predators, victims and -group recruiters share some disturbing accounts. Beneath those stories are real-life lessons that will help teach you how to spot a trafficker, how to protect your family and where to get help.

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Whether you're a parent, a grandparent, teacher or school employee, this podcast is a valuable listen.

I understand that it's not exactly everyone's favorite holiday topic. But with 40 children going missing every second in the U.S. alone, and with most of it being initiated online, it's important to give the experts a voice and go over some safety tips.

Learn how innocent-looking apps and recruiters are luring our kids in this can't-miss Komando on Demand episode. It might just save a life.

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