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ICYMI: Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over Marketing

Unless you’re completely oblivious to the outside world or just blissfully ignorant, you’ve probably noticed that is infiltrating every industry, especially marketing.



In just 7 years the North American market for artificial intelligence in enterprise applications will be worth an estimated $15 billion U.S dollars, while the total global market is to be valued at $60 billion in revenue.

Through autonomous cars, voice enabled personal assistants, highly intelligent algorithms and robots replacing currently held human jobs, AI is beginning to lead in every facet of every industry. According to Pew Research Center, the year 2025 will be the historical turning point for AI and machine learning capabilities to be seamlessly integrated within daily operations.

Marc Prensky, best known for cultivating the terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant” believes “[the] penetration of AI and robotics will be close to 100% in many areas.”

Even Vytautas Butrimas, chief cybersecurity and information technology adviser for the Republic of Lithuania says, “AI and robotics will change the way we interact with other members of society. The tendency will be toward more social isolation and fewer human-to-human contacts taking place.”

So what does this mean for marketing in the next decade? Everything.


The science behind deep learning is not only overthrowing traditional marketing applications and strategies, it has become a fundamental tool that improves the processes of B2B and B2C enterprises. Through targeting platforms, rapid data extraction and analysis, enhanced customer support and other automated services, leveraging AI will transform and already has altered the way professionals, especially marketers, do business.

Similar to how digital media initially revolutionized the industry by offering unexplored avenues to reach target segments, AI is generating new opportunities in how brands tell their story.

Customization facilitated by AI will increase customer value and provide real-time solutions. Voice-activated AI will change the way consumers interact with brands as “67 million voice-assisted devices will be in use in the U.S. by 2019.”. The ability to process and enrich data will maximize how executives receive and implement insights through increased data quality.


Bottom line: we have far surpassed artificial intelligence resembling chapters of science fiction novels. This technology is tangible, actionable, and revolutionizing global marketing practices.

As artificial intelligence enables and empowers marketers in ways that are greatly impacting brand success and customer value, early integration of machine learning is imperative to small businesses and corporate environments alike.

This is not to say human interaction and curation will be completely ousted by robots by the year 2025, but companies and executives must implement AI in a way that, when used correctly, accelerates processes and strengthens decision-making to achieve optimal results.

Artificial intelligence is no longer the future; it’s here. Through augmented automation and smart, predictive software, marketing and related industries will rely and be shaped by this technology. So adopt early and adapt fast. If you don’t, someone else will.

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