KFC Scam Malaysia, Survey link to steal personal data

PETALING JAYA: KFC Malaysia has issued a warning to members of the public about scammers using a survey link with the company’s name and logo to trick people into giving away their to a fake website.

The company said the link, which claims to be a KFC Women’s Day Survey, is not associated with KFC Malaysia.

“Hey guys, we wish to alert you that the ‘KFC Women’s Day Survey’ circulating on social media and messaging platforms which offer free KFC Family Feast bucket is fake and not associated with KFC Malaysia in any form. Please do not respond to the promotion and share any personal information,” the company said in a posting on Facebook.

Based on screenshots posted by the company, users will receive a link to the fake survey on messaging platforms like WhatsApp where they will be given three tries to find a gift box containing the fake prize.

When users click on the link shared on WhatsApp which bears the name ‘KFC.com’, they will be redirected to a Blogspot page instead of the official KFC website.

A check on Twitter revealed that others who have been affected by the scam said that they were made to register for an application and wait for an administrator to contact them in 24 hours.

They were also asked to forward the link to at least 20 friends. Another user shared that they will be asked to provide a delivery address once a blue bar on the page reaches 100%. However, the blue bar never progresses past 50%.

It seems that the scam has also reached users in countries like Pakistan and Indonesia.

KFC Malaysia has urged members of the public to refer to its official website and social media channels for news about ongoing promotions. It also has a website dedicated to informing users about scams bearing the company’s name and logo.

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