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Everyone lives on the internet. Unfortunately, that makes you a high-risk candidate for a cyber attack, be it through malware hiding on your computer, phishing scams in your email, or straight up hacking. Luckily, Malwarebytes is built to help you avoid the above scenarios altogether, and the best part is, it's absolutely .

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Malwarebytes was developed by a self-taught computer technician who worked with like-minded security gurus and malware hunters to re-imagine cyber security. The software takes an aggressive approach to protecting your devices against malware, viruses, and other you might not have even heard of, like cryptojacking and ransomware.

Get a free 90-day trial of Malwarebytes Premium on any Android device

Modern cyber-attacks mutate so fast that it's hard to find an antivirus that can keep up. With this in mind, Malwarebytes uses multiple layers of protection, aggressively detecting not just malicious but also junk programs that slow down your computer. For total security, the premium version also blocks malicious websites that can hack your computer, keeping you and your information safe from threats before they even have the chance to strike.

Download your free trial of Malwarebytes now and start protecting all of your devices as aggressively as they're being attacked.

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