Radeon VII neck & neck with RTX 2080 in rumored 3DMark

New benchmark results for what appears to be AMD's upcoming Vega 2 graphics card have shown up in the UL Benchmarks 3DMark results chart and they show it to compete with Nvidia's RTX 2080. Depending on the test in question, the VII pulls ahead of the Nvidia competition, or falls slightly behind. If these tests prove accurate, the Radeon VII looks set to be a viable contender as one of the most powerful graphics cards in the world when it launches in early February.

AMD's Radeon VII was somewhat of a surprise announcement at CES 2019 where it was unveiled alongside AMD's upcoming Ryzen 3000-series CPUs. Where many hoped for an unveiling of midrange Navi graphics cards, AMD instead debuted its first high-end GPU in nearly two years. The Radeon VII, it claimed, was capable of going toe to toe with the RTX 2080 and its internal benchmarks showed it doing so. These new 3DMark results are likely to be internal, too, so they should be taken with a pinch of salt, but they do provide additional evidence suggesting AMD's new GPU is very capable.

The results list the GPU as “Generic VGA” but it is thought to be an AMD GPU, and with a score like this, there isn't another consumer AMD graphics card in the world that can achieve such performance. As Tech News reports, the supposed Radeon VII achieved a Fire Strike score of 19,210, which beats out the 17,810 that the RTX 2080 managed in our internal testing. Others had more favorable results with the RTX 2080, seeing it beat out the Radeon VII by a couple of thousand points, but the new Vega 2 card remained competitive.

In tests that push the graphics cards further, like Fire Strike Extreme and Ultra, the Radeon VII fared better still, pulling ahead of what the RTX 2080 is capable of. Time Spy, however, saw the RTX 2080 achieve a noticeably higher score of 10,269 in our testing, versus just 8,700 for the Radeon VII.

An intriguing note to take from the results collected by VideoCardz is that the Radeon VII appears to perform better when paired with an AMD Ryzen 2700X than it does with an Intel core i9-9900K. That could prove a strong selling point for all-AMD systems when the Radeon VII launches on February 7 for $700.

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