Scots lass suffers embarrassing job interview gaffe with Microsoft

A SCOTS lass suffered an embarrassing email gaffe after applying for a at Microsoft.

Laura Maclean, 21, told how she was “freaking out” ahead of a job interview with the tech giants over Skype call on January 18.

Laura tweeted about her interview mix-up with Microsoft
Laura tweeted about her interview mix-up with Microsoft

But when the US computer firm didn’t call, Laura contacted them by email to ask why.

Microsoft staff quickly responded to inform Laura that the interview was actually scheduled for a month later, on February 18.

However, after failing to realise the mix-up, Laura then sent another inquisitive email to the company.

And it prompted a tongue-in-cheek response from Microsoft, who told her: “Today is the 18th of January, February is the next month.”

Laura, from the Highlands, saw the funny side as she took to social media over the blunder.

She tweeted: “All dressed up ready n freaking out for my big Skype interview with Microsoft and this happens. Possibly the biggest noob on this planet hahahahaha if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.”

The tweet which shows screenshots of the hilarious email exchange has now gone viral after being liked and shared thousands of times.

Twitter user @Kevin_J96 commented: “You were a month ahead of your deadline, that’s impressive tbh.”

Chris O’Neill replied: “If there’s a competency question on time management I fear for you Laura.”

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