Special ‘Delivery’ For Penang Grab Driver As Passenger Gives Birth In His Car

A Grab driver had gone through something that he thought he would never experience as a driver. He has been with the company for two years and it never crossed his mind that one day, one of his passengers will give birth in his car.

The Grab driver, Mohamad Shahir Baharudin, 39, told mStar, that the incident occurred after picking up a married Rohingya couple at an apartment. He explained that the husband initially called him to pick him and his wife up as quickly as possible as the wife is in labour and needs to go to the hospital urgently.

However, since it was early in the morning, traffic was bad as everyone was on their way to work. During the journey, the husband sat in front while the wife laid down behind. Suddenly the husband jumped to the back seat as the wife started screaming loudly. This was followed by the voice of a crying baby. Shahir said,

“At that moment, the baby was out and the car was filled with the smell of amniotic fluid. The smell was strong but I kept driving till we reached the emergency department.”

Shahir shared that the incident is a blessing to him and his wife is also pregnant at the moment. He hopes that the blessings will help his family with their lives as well. Kudos Shahir for being professional and calm in handling the incident to ensure the baby reaches the hospital safely.


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